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NFC tags online at discounted price

juin 1, 2015|

Our partner Sinfotech offers to all FAMOCO's customers a promotional code for every NFC tags orders you make via the online shop. You will receive 10% of discount for any NFC tag bought. Please find [...]

RFID vs NFC: What’s the difference?

mars 6, 2015|

One might wonder what is the difference between RFID and NFC. What do they mean? Radio Frequency IDentification and Near Field Communication are two quite similar wireless communication technologies and they are used in many [...]

FAMOCO wins two French Tech’s prizes

octobre 24, 2014|

We are proud to announce that FAMOCO has recently won two French Tech's prizes: - French Tech's Pass, a trophy that rewards 17 of the most dynamic French digital startups - The first prize at French Tech's "Rencontres [...]

FAMOCO signs new partner CARD4B

mars 24, 2014|

Headquartered in Lisbon, CARD4B is a leading mobility solution provider in Portugal and Europe, offering contactless ticketing system based on multi-technology customer-media, including Mifare, NFC, bank cards, and Calypso standard, which widely adopted by European [...]