NFC students attendance tracking


THE CLIENT Infordata Sistemi S.r.l. is based in Trieste, Italy. They provide card technology, automatic identification and automation system products and services globally. In-house consultants and partner companies work with clients to find solutions for their printing, customization, reader and card writing needs. WHAT WAS THE CHALLENGE? Today the organization of [...]

Jeewi, a better Field Staff Process Management for the human services sector

THE CLIENT Jeewi helps customers to get the most out of their project : keep agility in order to make sure projects can adapt to evolving business target that will evolve and leverage from the capabilities of new transaction and social customer interactions. Leveraging the  Cloud to optimise projects and [...]

Attendance tracking solution with SABACOM in Italy

CLIENT SABACOM, an Italian company, develops Easy Plan Web, a web-based Enterprise Resource Planning platform, targeting SMEs and large companies in the private security and health industries. The HR management and the work sheet scheduling modules represent the main strengths of their platform. As for the time attendance tracking their [...]

Team on the Run and FAMOCO revolutionize Group Communication in the Hospitality industry


THE CLIENT Team on the Run is a service run by StreamWIDE UK Limited, based in London, United Kingdom. Team on the Run is a business messaging power tool that provides industrial end-to-end security, ensuring corporate privacy. The tool guarantees safe and verifiable transmission of all messages: text, corporate documents, maps, [...]

East DataConst’s attendance tracking solution

East DataConst is a Finnish company providing an attendance tracking solution for construction and maintenance worksites. This solution uses the FAMOCO's device and enables to track precisely the employees. Workers only need to check in and check out by tapping their NFC tag against the FAMOCO device placed in a casing on the worksite.

CleanJack’s NFC field service management solution

CleanJack is an interactive system working with FAMOCO's device enabling companies to get a real time tracking solution. Cleaners use the FAMOCO's device on RFID stickers in each place and the employer gets a real time tracking and direct communication.