Alipay arrives in France!

Chinese tourists can now pay with their Alipay wallet in France! Chinese tourism is expanding in France, with over 1.7 million tourists this year alone. In China, Alipay is the most common payment solution and has over 450 million active users. To facilitate Chinese tourists' purchases in France, [...]

Cashless Events Solution with PlayPass

THE CLIENT Founded in Belgium in 2012, PlayPass is specialized in event technology and has set the industry standard for the reliable and cost-effective delivery of cashless payments, access control, brand activation and crew management at festivals and live events across Europe and Asia, using NFC and other technologies. THE CHALLENGE As an [...]

NFC transport ticketing solution with Dialog

THE CLIENT FAMOCO, Dialog and Orik have developed a strategic partnership to provide a breakthrough NFC solution for the transportation sector in Sri Lanka. The NFC ticketing solution is made up of a NFC travel Card called Touch Travel Pass, a Electronic Ticketing Terminal (ETT) in the bus and the [...]

Mobile banking system with SpotCash in Kenya

SpotCash Mobile banking system is a mobile money integrated system designed by Tangazoletu Ltd. It provides low-cost banking, remittances, cashless payments, mobile payments and other mobile financial inclusion services to thousands of people in countries where banking services are not easily available or accessible.

Nature Pass, a cashless payment and access control solution


NaturePass is a multi-activity and multi-sites pass offering a wide choice of activities. In this case, the FAMOCO FX100 enables NaturePass to deploy for their partners a control access system and in a same time a cashless payment solution. Indeed there is no payment between the end-costumer and the partner because it is doing by the NFC pass and the billing goes directly to the tourist office.

Cashless payment with Google and Equity Bank’s BebaPay in Kenya

Bebapay is a transportation service in Kenya created by Google and Equity Bank. The purpose was to implement a card acceptance network to enforce security and minimizes the risk of fraud in public transports. To implement their solution, all inspectors in public transports use FAMOCO's device with NFC capabilities to debit the contactless card.

MyBee Events deploys FAMOCO devices for cashless payments

PayinTech is the European leader in fixed cashless solutions for the entertainment and leisure industries. The company implemented with FAMOCO's device a cashless payment technology. The FAMOCO's FX100 enables cashiers to gain in fluidity, rapidity and security during their events.

Fivory’s cashless payment and loyalty solution in France


Fivory launched in 2013 a cashless payment and loyalty solution in Boulogne-Billancourt (France) using FAMOCO's device. A secure way to deploy their professional applications and in the same time allows them to manage all devices remotely through the FAMOCO Management Suite. That is the gain of security and also efficiency.

7card : Benefit Seven’s access control solution in gym clubs

7card is an innovative way of integrating our solution in a stand design. FAMOCO's device is integrated to the gym club’s access point. Customers tap their NFC card against the FAMOCO's device as an access control.