Fighting KYC complexity for MNOs with Orange Belgium

CHALLENGE Mobile network operators (MNOs) are having to cope with increasing onboarding complexity. In December 2016, the Royal Decree that requires the identification of all prepaid mobile customers came into force in Belgium, increasing Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements for MNOs. In response to this law, Orange rolled-out its first identification [...]

Alipay arrives in France!

Chinese tourism is expanding in France, with over 1.7 million tourists this year alone. In China, Alipay is the most common payment solution and has over 450 million active users. To facilitate Chinese tourists' purchases in France, Banque Edel have teamed up with Alipay to process payments in major hotels and shops across Paris.

Cashless Events Solution with PlayPass

THE CLIENT Founded in Belgium in 2012, PlayPass is specialized in event technology and has set the industry standard for the reliable and cost-effective delivery of cashless payments, access control, brand activation and crew management at festivals and live events across Europe and Asia, using NFC and other technologies. THE CHALLENGE As an [...]

NFC students attendance tracking


THE CLIENT Infordata Sistemi S.r.l. is based in Trieste, Italy. They provide card technology, automatic identification and automation system products and services globally. In-house consultants and partner companies work with clients to find solutions for their printing, customization, reader and card writing needs. WHAT WAS THE CHALLENGE? Today the organization of [...]

Team on the Run and FAMOCO revolutionize Group Communication in the Hospitality industry


THE CLIENT Team on the Run is a service run by StreamWIDE UK Limited, based in London, United Kingdom. Team on the Run is a business messaging power tool that provides industrial end-to-end security, ensuring corporate privacy. The tool guarantees safe and verifiable transmission of all messages: text, corporate documents, [...]

Nature Pass, a cashless payment and access control solution


NaturePass is a multi-activity and multi-sites pass offering a wide choice of activities. In this case, the FAMOCO FX100 enables NaturePass to deploy for their partners a control access system and in a same time a cashless payment solution. Indeed there is no payment between the end-costumer and the partner because it is doing by the NFC pass and the billing goes directly to the tourist office.

Bamba’s loyalty program in Kenya

Bamba Group created a loyalty program between retailers and customers where the incentive is real-time with the Android Secure Famoco Device. That is a win-win program that enables the customer to get back real cash on their mobile-money account and increases retailer sales volumes.