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Made to reduce maintenance

The maintenance of transport validators is a heavy burden for transport operators. A technician has to physically go to each validator to carry out routine maintenance and system upgrades. And, if any hardware issues arise, the validator has to be removed and taken back to the warehouse for repair. Well aware of these issues, we have developed a product to reduce your maintenance investments.



The FX920 is based on a custom and secure Android OS with instant connection to the Famoco Mobile Device Management platform. From this portal, you’re able to remotely manage your fleet of validators and adjust any settings (update and add transport apps, enable settings such as Wi-Fi or 3G). These software features decrease the maintenance efforts significantly and help streamline the evolution of your transport validator.


This public transport validator has been designed to facilitate the hardware maintenance for transport operators. Technicians can use the touchscreen on-site to carry out ad-hoc maintenance (access developer mode to fix bug directly on-site). The technician can also detach the front part of the validator and change it quickly if needed.


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Technical Specifications

The FX920 is fully certified for public transportation as it is certified with IEC 60068-2, EN 61 000-6-0, EN 55 022 – Class B, EN 50 121-3-2, EN 60 950-1, EN 45 545-2. Plus, Famoco is part of the Calypso Networks Association as it includes the NFC 14443 A/B/B’ module by Paragon ID (formerly ASK).


Famoco OS

Android OS for businesses (AOSP)


ISO 14443 A/B/B’ (Paragon ID CPL108), Felica®, Mifare®, Mifare Plus

4.5inch sreen icon

4.5-inch touchscreen

WVGA (854×480 pixels) – Capacitive touch panel

Barcode Imager

High performance imager to scan any types of barcodes

sam icon


Secure Access Module slot



3G icon






Bluetooth 4.0, BLE


Custom sound configuration


9V-36V from the vehicle supply


Download the product sheet for more information

Download the product sheet

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What kind of payments does the FX920 support?

The FX920 accepts any printed ticket with barcode as it features an optical scan engine and it also supports contactless travel card using NFC technology.

In addition, the use of mobile phones is in constant progression. This technology has created new ways for travelers to pay for public transport. The FX920 supports several mobile ticketing methods used by the different transport operators.


Passenger Self-Ticketing

Some public transport companies provide a mobile app to let travelers be autonomous in their travels. Passengers can purchase e-tickets (based on time or journey) and activate them directly from their smartphones. The e-ticket is displayed as a barcode that is scanned to open a gate or validate the ticket when entering a vehicle. The FX920 ensures a fast and reliable scan of mobile barcodes.

NFC-based smart card

Public transportation operators can provide mobile apps that emulate a transport smart card using the smartphone NFC technology. Travelers have to top-up their balance on the app. When traveling, they check in and out by holding their phones against the NFC validator in the vehicle. The FX920 NFC validator has been design to accept virtual smart card and support NFC plastic cards.

Why is the FX920 different from other transport validators?


The FX920 is a unique terminal as it is based on a secure and custom Android OS (made for business, easy app development) and is pre-integrated with a Mobile Device Management agent to manage device settings and applications remotely. As it is connected and MDM-ready, fleets can be remotely updated at any time, from anywhere. Famoco offers zero-touch provisioning of devices, so customers can finally benefit from an instant set up and a competitive total cost of ownership with this multi-modal ticketing validator.


icon android


Our products are based on a custom & secure Android operating system, to facilitate the development of professional apps.

icon mdm

Control Remotely

The Famoco Mobile Device Management agent is embedded in all devices to enable remote management.

icon hassle free


We provide products with zero-touch enrollment, instant set up and hassle-free commissioning.

The business-centric Android OS


We’ve developed Famoco OS, a business-centric version of Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to deliver a business dedicated OS. We enhanced the privacy, you don’t have to worry about your data protection. Privacy is not your challenge, it’s ours.

Manage your terminals remotely from one place


1. Receive devices ready for work

2. Upload your business App on the MDM

3. Configure & assign to a profile

4. Deploy at large scale

Learn more >

Famoco MDM sync with the rugged terminal FX920 over the air

Multi-ticketing Validator for multi-usage

Onboard Ticketing

The FX920 has been designed to be attached to public transportation poles, and gives transport operators the ability to quickly install the device on 30 to 40cm diameter poles. This Android validator fits the following use cases perfectly:

  • Tram onboard ticketing system
  • Train pole ticketing validator
  • Bus pole QR or NFC ticket validation
  • Subway ticket validator

In-station Validator

The FX920 can be installed in stations and transportation hubs for stationary ticket validation. This Android-based validator is designed for the following business cases:

  • Wall-mounted ticketing validator in-station for rail transit
  • Static payment validator for car parks
  • Fixed fare payment device for bus transit
  • In-station ticket validator for public electric cars and bicycles

We’ll be open payment* ready soon!

We are currently working with an EMV pioneer & specialist and the FX920 will be available for open payment in Q2 2019.

*pay as you go with contactless bank cards

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