MOVE 03/24/2014

Famoco signs new partner CARD4B

Headquartered in Lisbon, CARD4B is a leading mobility solution provider in Portugal and Europe, offering contactless ticketing system based on multi-technology customer-media, including Mifare, NFC, bank cards, and Calypso standard, which widely adopted by European transport operators. Classical ticketing projects are using rugged and heavy devices.

CARD4B is now seeking more original technology to address new markets, which needs compatibility with multi-technology customer-media and also more flexibility and better advantages on price. CARD4B chose Famoco’s Fx 100 to explore its new market. As the first secure and connected Android based NFC terminal, Fx 100 meets all security and functional requirements of the project without compromising its accessibility.

For the first phase, Fx 100 will be used as inspection terminals, based on the CARD4B’s mPOS and CARTES 2013 SESAME’s awarded Ticketing Kernel software frameworks. Ticketing Kernel is also part of the Ticketgo initiatives, and has been tested and opened on the EUROPTIMA project, and contributed to the resulting Tickego open specifications (click here to see more information: With little integration necessary, Fx 100 works seamlessly under Tickego specifications.

For the second phase, CARD4B is looking for full integration of the mPOS and Ticketing Kernel functionalities with Fx 100 for top-up, subscription and validation services. The Fx 100 has a SAM slot and is equipped with flexible connectivity (wifi, 3G, GPRS), which makes it at the same time a reliable and cost-effective mPOS terminal. FAMOCO looks forward to an exciting journey with CARD4B, helping its expansion in new markets.



Fx 100 supports full contactless usage, which is currently dominated by rugged devices, and has an appealing price. The huge potential of Fx 100 in market will help companies explore innovative usage of contactless solutions.

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