Declaration of Conformity

Handheld    –   FX205    –    DoC_Famoco_FX205.pdf    –    User Guide

Handheld    –   FX205 SE    –    DoC_Famoco_FX205_SE.pdf    –    User Guide

Handheld    –   FX105    –    DoC_Famoco_FX105.pdf    –    User Guide

Validator    –   FX915C-ASK    –   DoC_Famoco_FX915C-ASK.pdf    –    User Guide

Handheld    –   FX200/FP201/FP202    –    DoC_Famoco_FX200/FP201/FP202.pdf


Reparability Index

Since 1 January 2021, the reparability index has been deployed on 5 categories of household appliances and electronic products. This tool, provided by the anti-waste law for a circular economy, aims to provide consumers with better information on the degree of reparability of their purchases. Here’s the final grade of our products.