Famoco MDM: Two-Factor Authentication and enhanced UX

June 24th, 2019.


Famoco MDM team has just released a new version of the platform with a security-enhanced feature, UX refined tables & side panels and fixed bugs.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


As security is key for Famoco, we wanted to enhance your experience by providing a two-factor authentication feature. When trying to sign-in with this feature, the MDM user needs to fill in login and a password as usual and then an additional code. The Two-Factor Authentication codes we use are 6-digit simple codes only valid for a few seconds or more complex ones (12 letters and digits) with no timeout.


Two-Factor Authentication is currently an MDM feature with restricted access that we will roll-out progressively. You can request access to this feature by sending an email to your usual Famoco contact. Please include the list of email addresses of each user you would like to enroll.

Famoco MDM new features - Two Factor Authentication 2FA

Figure 1 – New Profile section with Two-Factor Authentication feature


Main menu update


The MDM main menu displayed on the left side is updated with a new layout, menu items reordering and new icons and labels.


“Tokens” is now labeled “Action Tokens” and “API Access Tokens” is now labeled “API Access”.


Previously the menu could be totally hidden by clicking on the burger icon. This feature is improved with a new folded layout that shows the menu icons only. When the mouse hovers the menu panel, an expand/collapse icon is displayed at the top. now, you can expand and collapse the main menu of the MDM


Some items may be hidden based on your organization’s billing plan or user group.

Figure 2 – Old vs New main menu of Famoco MDM




Synchronization status is now more detailed (with an additional Never Synchronized status) and Heartbeat statuses labels have been renamed to be more explicit and enhance your experience.

  • “OK” is renamed to “Last rendezvous OK”
  • “Be Careful” is renamed “3 missed rendezvous”
  • “Alert” is renamed “5 missed rendezvous”


Famoco MDM new dashboard

Figure 3 – Dashboard, more details for better efficiency


Device side panel


In the previous version, the display of the device side panel and checkboxes selection were tied together. It is now possible to independently select item(s) with the checkboxes and to trigger the display of the side panel by highlighting one row. To highlight a row, simply click on it (except on the selection box or the copy icons areas).


The side panel has been completely revamped with a 3-columns dark layout in order to avoid any navigation (no more See more details or Back buttons) and to reduce side panel scroll as much as possible. Each side panel indicator has a title, a text status and an associated icon (we do not use red/green icons anymore).


The history of a device is no longer limited to the 30 latest actions, a green button allows to load more actions, with no limitation.


Famoco MDM new device side panel

Figure 4 – New device side panel, less click, more information


Put-in-fleet new profile options


We also introduce new options that will facilitate the MDM usage if you want to manage devices directly from a profile perspective: the put-in-fleet dialog modal has been totally revamped. It displays a list of target fleets as previously but now also displays the profile associated to each fleet. In addition, it is possible to activate a profile filter and only display corresponding fleets. In case you have selected a profile that is not used by any fleet, it is possible to create a new fleet within the put-in-fleet dialog modal and apply it directly to the device selection.


The new layout to put in fleet your devices in Famoco MDM. You can directly add a fleet to an existing profile.

Figure 5 – New put in fleet dialog


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