PAY 05/22/2013

FINOVATION 2013 selects Famoco thanks to its NFC mobile payment solution

Famoco device is selected as a NFC mobile payment solution by Inoven Altenor. The solution is considered as one of the best innovations in FINOVATION 2013. This event brings together a selection of innovation in payments and financial services. Each year, Inoven Altenor lists, polls and analyzes all innovations in the payment sector and selects the east financial services throughout the world. FAMOCO stands out in the selection by digitalizing all payment cards into one unique NFC device, the FX100.



Famoco device brings multiple benefits to individual customers, banks and retailers. Credit-card sized, it is a dedicated NFC device also used as a mPOS. It provides vault-level security in all transactions, which is different from B2B versatile devices such as mobile phones. The device combines all loyalty and payment cards a customer owns. The embedded secure element gives financial service providers the flexibility of becoming independent from telecommunication operators, and the chance to provide a better service to their clients. The device is also equipped with a SAM slot to process secure and offline transactions. Its connectivity also offers a new medium for retailers to promote geo-based promotions in line with each customer’s profile, they can now target specific customers.

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