Scale your KYC operations with our secure biometric device


The FP200 is a compact biometric device specifically designed for KYC operations . Tailored to meet the unique challenges of the field, it integrates advanced biometric technologies in a rugged and lightweight case.

Whether for your activities in the health or telecommunications sector, the FP200 streamlines customer enrollment and identification processes.

Additionally, the device supports various contactless banking transactions, all while ensuring data protection with the Famoco operating system.


FP201 & FP202


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Download the product sheet

KYC made easy and secure!


healthcare KYC

Biometric system for health insurance registration

The FP200 adresses the need for efficient patient registration and instant health insurance card issuance. In collaboration with our printer partners, it allows us to provide a turnkey biometric solution that streamlines enrolment card process, ensuring a secure and efficient KYC healthcare system.

telecom KYC

Authentication and enrolment for SIM cards

Given the regulations for SIM card purchase and top-up, telecom operators require reliable KYC systems. The FP200 facilitates the authentication and enrolment biometric process, ensuring expert KYC system for SIM card beneficiaries registration while safeguarding their identity and biometric data.

Technical Specifications

Secure Android OS

Famoco OS based on Android 10 (AOSP)

Biometric sensor

IDEMIA optical sensor


ISO14443 A/B, Felica®, Mifare®

8MP camera

8MP rear camera with autofocus & flash, 5MP front camera



Long lasting battery

4000mAh battery

removable & replaceable battery


Dual Band (2.4 GHz & 5GHz)

3G icon


2G, 3G and 4G

Dual SIM

2 Micro SIM (3FF)

Biometric performance: fraud prevention and data security


The FP200 offers rapid and accurate authentication through its advanced optical biometric sensor. Its FBI-certified IDEMIA CBM-E3 fingerprint sensor, with PIV IQS certification, is designed to detect frauds, enhancing the security of KYC and AML procedures.

Data Privacy & Sovereignty: secure terminal operation


Using the Famoco OS, a proprietary private Android system, the FP200 prioritizes data security. It operates independently from the Play Store and restricts third-party app downloads, ensuring that only essential apps are accessible via the Famoco MDM platform.

Compact design: ruggedized terminal for field use


Designed for field operations, the FP200’s biometric module is integrated into the terminal, for a compact, lighweight and ruggedized form factor. This design ensures ease of handling and durability of the terminals, even in challenging environments.

Remote Management: device security and control


With the Famoco MDM platform, managing fleets of FP200 devices remotely becomes straightforward. It empowers fleet administrators to strictly control configurations and available applications on the devices, addressing concerns about theft, non-professional use, and preventing unauthorized access.

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