Move 04/24/2015

ASK/Famoco's public transportation solution on Type B cards

Based in south-estearn France, ASK designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of contactless cards, tickets, RFID tags, inlays, readers and couplers. Thanks to that, ASK targets markets as public transportation, access control, object and people identification, payment and electronic documents such as e-driving license, e-identity cards, or electronic and biometric passports.

At the occasion of Cards & Payments Asia 2015, Famoco and ASK presented the FX100+. This new version mixes the skills and expertise of both companies. The FX100+ brings together the flexibility of the Android world and the security architecture with its SAM AV2 slot and NFC front end optimized for type B cards. An innovation enabling to target public transport markets and ticketing systems.

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