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EBG selects Famoco as one of the top 100 promising start-ups

Top 100 most promising start ups

Each year Electronic Business Group (EBG) selects the 100 most promising start ups. EBG is a French organization created in 1998 to bring together executive officers of big corporations in France and throughout the world. The Electronic Business Group aims to share the experience and expertise of people from different backgrounds on specific themes: internet, interactive marketing and new technologies. EBG also organizes conferences, workshops, trade shows… Today more than 600 companies are part of the Electronic Business Group, representing more than 130,000 business professionals. Each year EBG publishes a list of the 100 most promising start ups based on their potential for success and international growth and promotes them among its members.  Electronic Business Group wants to create a meeting place between innovative start-ups and big companies, to increase the visibility of start-ups.

This year Famoco was selected among the 100 most promising companies by Electronic Business Group. Famoco was identified by the EBG thanks to its unique and innovative product, the FX100. The FX100 is a NFC device based on a personalized and secure Android OS. The device meets the B2B requirements by offering a product filling the gap between very ruggedized readers and very flexible devices such as smartphones.

Top 50 most promising start ups

On this occasion, the Electronic Business Group (EBG) pooled together 50 most promising Start-ups to attend its annual General Assembly, where business leaders in the digital sphere (includes advertising agency, media, and technology companies) will gather around, thus gaining valuable exposure.

Famoco, representing the innovative technology companies, is selected among the 50 most promising companies by EBGEBG is an international business network whose purpose is to boost innovation, new technologies, Internet and digital medias. The members of this organization are both large companies and fast growing ventures.

EGB conference

Famoco is invited to speak on 24th May 2013 on the loyalty solution for offline retailers at Conference Startup, organized by the Electronic Business Group (EBG). The conference will focus on the major innovations in digital retailing, e-commerce, and how to re-ignite the offline shopping. Looking specifically at the Chinese market, Famoco is to input innovative ways of reinventing offline shopping experience.



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