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RFID vs NFC: What's the difference?

One might wonder what is the difference between RFID and NFC.

What do they mean?

Radio Frequency IDentification and Near Field Communication are two quite similar wireless communication technologies and they are used in many cases. You may use RFID or NFC technology for cashless payment, loyalty,transportation, access control, Business Process Management, workforce management and e-gov.

    • Radio Frequency IDentification

RFID is a wireless technology mainly used to transfer data. The main purpose is to identify and track automatically a tag attached to an object.

    • Near Field Communication

NFC is a is a short-range high frequency wireless technology that enables devices and smartphones to establish a communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity.

Now we prefer to let you see this great infographic realized by AtlasRFIDstore.

This infographic is courtesy of atlasRFIDstore.


This infographic is courtesy of AtlasRFIDstore. Visit their website here !

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