Famoco and Thinfilm work with NFC reader technology


Thinfilm Electronics is a leading Norwegian company specialized in printed electronics and smart packaging solutions – with a particular focus on NFC technology. The company operates worldwide and has offices in Norway, Sweden,in the UK, in China and in the USA. Their solution portfolio ranges from sensing and display solutions to wireless communication, and aims at bringing intelligence to everyday goods.


The different Thinfilm solutions include verifying industrial supplies and other selected items to ensure that the right parts are being used with the right machines, managing consumables and instantly reordering expired or depleted stock, and reporting and managing quality issues with item-level precision. Those using NFC technology require a validated reader in order to access the information stored in the Thinfilm tags in a reliable manner.

Simple smartphones are not suitable for this type of use due to their important fragmentation on hardware and operating system levels. These devices also have a certain market value and that can lead to theft – which is why some clients are looking for dedicated reader solutions.

Unreliable NFC specifications and performances are yet another hurdle when trying to integrate standard smartphones with professional business applications as they do not meet business critera – including security and flexibility.


Thinfilm has chosen to partner with Famoco to integrate their solution with enterprise-ready NFC readers – which have no street value. Using our secure, dedicated and managed over-the-air devices, Thinfilm enables companies to easily integrate performant NFC technology in their day-to-day business.

These devices can be assigned to production staff, quality control, customs inspectors, and other employees without the inconveniences of an average  smartphone. This secure, professional and affordable alternative to smartphones solves the challenge that Thinfilm was facing with commercial phones.


Thinfilm tags have been fully validated with the latest generation of Famoco’s FX-series readers, andare commercially available today. Industrial clients can now implement a fully integrated solution consisting of Thinfilm’s state of the art smart packaging solutions together with Famoco’s secure and dedicated Android based NFC readers.

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