East DataConst's attendance tracking solution


East Dataconst is a Finnish company providing a cost-effective and innovative software as an attendance tracking solution for construction and maintenance worksites.


The challenge was to easily track attendance of employee’s without the drawbacks of a smartphone. Indeed East DataConst first tried to deploy their application on several different smartphones and it was not successful. These devices had too many functions and were not stable enough.


The Famoco device appeared to be the best fit to the solution and the deployment on the field, as it is a fully dedicated device using NFC technology. A specific casing has been designed with the NFC antenna in front of the device.

Managers can now block the device on one single application with an auto launch. Feature, the end user cannot deflect the use of the device to engage in personal activities. The Famoco device is indeed as flexible as a smartphone and also fully dedicated according business needs.


Being able to track precisely the employees’ working hours is an unquestionable value to the employer: it enables him to identify the potential scopes for improvements in productivity. Workers only need to check in and check out by tapping their NFC tag against the Famoco device placed in a casing on the worksite. With that the employer gets a real time overview of the workers’ presence on site.


Our solution is very easy to deploy on the Famoco. We equip our staff with NFC tags and place the terminals with the application uploaded on them. Then we manage the devices remotely through the Famoco Management Suite. We can send the apps updates without the device users knowing it: it enables a seamless experience for them and an easy updating and reporting for us.” Samu Collan, co-founder of East DataConst.


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