Tracking attendance for field workers with Flapps


Flapps is a Slovakia-based company behind an enterprise time and attendance software of the same name. As we experience change in the work environment, Flapps fulfills the mission to develop next-gen software tools for HR professionals to support millennials-era changes.

Flapps brings constant innovations into enterprise time and attendance, traditional HR area very often running on archaic systems. Flapps as a standard has all T&A labor law required features needed by multinational medium-sized companies (cca 500-5,000 employees). Extreme configurability enables fast implementation. Addition of new mobile ways of tracking attendance that include NFC, WiFi, Smartwatch attendance. Flapps is building an AI team to introduce machine learning algorithms to take time and attendance data to build employee attrition models and to identify time off fraud.


Trenkwalder is an international personnel service provider offering flexible personnel solutions in the business lines of temporary staffing, permanent placement and other HR services. Trenkwalder is present in 16 countries with its employee base of 50,000+ employees working at hundreds of client locations.

History: Their attendance tracking for remote employees was mainly done on paper or in MS Excel. This brought several challenges that Trenkwalder had to face:

  1. Extremely long time-to-bill client
  2. Inability to monitor in real-time if employees are present
  3. Cheating and absence fraud by employees
  4. Huge administrative effort to process paper attendance
  5. Late payroll
  6. Unhappy end customers

The goal was to introduce the high-tech but low-cost solution that would eliminate these issues and save administrative costs, provide real-time attendance views, eliminate mistakes, and that would reduce costs and eliminate potential fraud on the side of both end customers and leased employees working for their clients.

In short: there was an S.O.S. call for something affordable, mobile, and real-time.


Flapps time and attendance needed an Android device that could be mounted on the wall, that would have a front NFC antenna and could communicate with the server through Internet, to enable for real-time attendance taking and notifications. The FAMOCO platform was a perfect fit.

In a few words, the whole process remains simple :

  • Flapps Attendance is run on FAMOCO FX100 devices
  • FAMOCO devices are installed at customers’ factories
  • Employees use NFC cards to clock in and clock out
  • Flapps software provides for instant “late or missing” notifications
  • End of month reports are immediately available for payroll
  • API integration with the billing software for faster invoicing


Implementation brought immediate results – exactly what the client was promised:

  • Incredible efficiency with the live attendance data
  • Immense cut of the time-to-bill
  • Cost-saving and increase credibility of clients’ services
  • Flexibility to modify Flapps modules meeting evolving client’s needs

As the first stage, Flapps solution was implemented in 4 CE countries. Due to great success and satisfaction, Flapps was rolled out in the next 4 countries (DACHLI region) with the ultimate plan to cover all 16 countries Trenkwalder operates in.


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