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Infordata Sistemi S.r.l. is based in Trieste, Italy. They provide card technology, automatic identification and automation system products and services globally. In-house consultants and partner companies work with clients to find solutions for their printing, customization, reader and card writing needs.


Today the organization of university campuses is a major challenge: The University of Teramo, which holds one of the most modern campuses in Italy, has to manage the schedules of over 6000 students and teachers daily. Not only did the university timetables and room allocations need to be organized, but they also wanted to address student attendance and chronic absenteeism. Students with part-time jobs or who were off sick would routinely attend lectures they were not timetabled for in order to catch the work up. This would result in disparate class sizes. The university was finding the enforcement of their attendance policy and the management of lecture rooms difficult and was looking for a solution to track student and room needs that met the following requirements:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use by students, teachers and staff.
  • Flexible enough to adapt to the different stages of an academic year since lectures, classes and teachers change at least twice a year.
  • A professional, small and robustly-built device able to withstand intensive daily use and shocks. Fast to deploy and easy to maintain; deploying such a technology is not the core competency of the university staff. The University of Teramo was looking for a turnkey solution and that was remotely manageable via a web console.


Infordata uses Famoco to offer a turnkey solution for NFC students attendance tracking and classes management in universities from online registration at classes, to attendance tracking and identity check at exams. Students can register online at teachers’ classes, when the maximum number of students is reached the lecture doesn’t appear on the online website anymore.

Before attending their classes, students have to identify themselves by taping their NFC student cards onthe Famoco reader. Unscheduled students will be denied access to the lectures. The Famoco NFC reader allows an efficient attendance tracking tool:

  • Fast-to-deploy: Devices are delivered out-of-the-box and ready-to-use.
  • Highly mobile: Lightweight, pocket-sized and connected, it can be use on-the-go be fixed directly on the wall.
  • Ease of management: The Famoco Management Suite provides a centralized Over-The-Air device management service to remotely and securely manage the devices, there is no need for further configuration from end-users in the field.
  • Dedicated device: The Famoco NFC reader is dedicated to Infordata’s attendance tracking application. No application to launch, no manual configuration to set-up or update: it’s intuitive and secure.
  • Affordable: With its extremely competitive price, the FX100 Series ensures an outstanding and optimized total cost of ownership.


The solution designed by Infordata on Famoco meets the real needs of universities regarding lecture planning and management of student class attendance. The solution has considerably improved the university of Teramo’s internal organization:

  • Better class organization
  • Better student and teacher schedule management
  • Better management of credits received by students per attended class
  • Time saved during classes by avoiding a paper attendance process
  • Reporting for the administration

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