Famoco and Jeewi provide a solution that combines flexible software with an innovative device


Jeewi helps customers to get the most out of their salesforce.com project : keep agility in order to make sure projects can adapt to evolving business target that will evolve and leverage from the capabilities of new transaction and social customer interactions.

Leveraging the  Cloud to optimise projects and administration costs, Jeewi combines a team of onsite  hands-on  C- level consultants with offsite  integration and software teams.

Jeewi onsite C-level consultants are delivery oriented. They interact at all levels of customers’ organisations. They also assist customers in defining or fine tuning the right strategy and processes, but also in driving up user adoption and making the change happen.


The service industry is often characterized by a mobile workforce that relies on clear communication and solid business process management to meet clients’ expectations. The challenges in managing field workers are multiple and include the need to dispatch information and tasks to workers, track attendance and gather field information in real time.

















Famoco and Jeewi offer an end-to-end solution that aims to facilitate Field Staff Process Management. It requires no technical skills for customization, deployment or management. The solution has no fixed cost and allows:

  • Check in/ check out
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Task tracking
  • Feedback and alerts
  • Order tracking on the move
  • Order delivery signing

Famoco and Jeewi provide a solution that combines flexible software with an innovative device.

  • The Software can be easily customized to enhance salesforce.com TM platform. It works offline and can be integrated with HR, ERP, Project Management solutions. It includes security, reporting, and flexible work flows.
  • The device is fully secured, versatile and has no market value.


Hardly any turnkey (device + software) solution available offers such level of flexibility for the services industry.
Businesses face two sets of challenges:

  • Technical advantages: it’s more intuitive than other NFC workforce management solutions, the cost of acquisition and ownership are reasonable and the solution is easy to integrate and manage in existing systems. Deploying it on retail market devices requires particular skills in order to properly manage a fleet of such devices.
  • Functional advantages: thanks to it’s high-level of flexibility, the solution addresses ever evolving use cases.

Today, the solution adapts to a broad range of end-to-end business solutions (device, software and processes) with no IT work. Famoco and Jeewi give businesses of any size the opportunity to equip field staff with a device and business process management solution that can be easily fine-tuned. Information flow is improved between the field and the office, work is easily managed, and productivity and customer satisfaction are improved.

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