Attendance tracking solution with SABACOM in Italy


SABACOM, an Italian company, develops Easy Plan Web, a web-based Enterprise Resource Planning platform, targeting SMEs and large companies in the private security and health industries. The HR management and the work sheet scheduling modules represent the main strengths of their platform.

As for the time attendance tracking their value proposition is that to keep track of the personnel attendance, performing a real time check with the working time they have been assigned to on Easy Plan Web by their HR manager. Therefore, SABACOM BadgeApp does more than a mere recording of the entrance and exit time.


SABACOM was looking for a nfc workforce management solution to easily track workers’ attendance but also check their location regarding the place they have been assigned to by the manager via the Easy Plan Web platform. SABACOM first deployed their app on Android-based tablets, but were soon faced with the following disadvantages:

  • The devices weren’t remotely controllable
  •  They were locked into the Google Play Store policies
  • They didn’t have any control of the Android version

Benefiting from this experience, SABACOM was looking for nfc workforce management device that met the following requirements:

  • Ability to communicate with their system
  • Ability to run a proprietary Android application
  • Remotely controllable


Famoco offers an alternative nfc workforce management solution for SABACOM and their attendance tracking technology. The FX100+ device meets all their requirements and allows SABACOM to offer a complete solution to their customers. Thanks to the Famoco Management Suite, managers can easily and remotely control all fleets of devices within a few seconds. For example, it can push a new app, remove it or create an auto-launch. This Over the Air nfc workforce management solution results in significant efficiency gains.

Famoco has removed all the Google Play features and managers can choose which app they want on the device and restrict its usage, making the FX100+ a fully dedicated device on which employees cannot engage in personal activities.

As the employees use the NFC capabilities of the Famoco FX100+ to check in and out during their work hours, the manager gets an overview of the situation and is able to manage the team easily. For one of their use cases, SABACOM also created a fixed case for the Famoco FX100+ (picture) for the check in and check out.


Two of SABACOM’s customers, both operating in the private health sector, will update on FX100+ situation with SABACOM platform. Overall the two customers will manage 200 employees with this complete nfc workforce management solution. SABACOM’s aim is to extend the nfc workforce management solution to the rest of their customers once they get valuable feedback from this this test.


“Regarding the Bluetooth technology we have also commissioned a solution consisting of connecting our BadgeApp to a Bluetooth printer. The Famoco will be installed at the entrance of a canteen and the personnel will use it both to record the entrance and get the ticket for the meal. The company who provides the meals gets paid on the number of meals, at the end of the month the customer will have a record of the exact number of the meals he has to pay for.

Another application for the private health sector and consists of an app, SABACOM DipendenteApp, that registers the assistance interventions provisioned by a health care assistant at the patient’s home. The health care assistant will swipe the Famoco on the NFC tag installed at the patient’s place and our system will automatically record number and time of the interventions. At the end of the month all the information will be processed to invoice the customer.” Sante Allegrini

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