Sanergy uses Famoco for data tracking in sanitation in Kenya


More than 4.1 billion people lack access to hygienic sanitation. In Kenya’s informal settlements, 8 million residents have to pay to use sanitation facilities that are unhygienic and undignified. Sanergy aims to address this with a system-based approach and build healthy, prosperous communities by making hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible for residents of informal urban settlements – starting in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sanergy’s engineers designed low-cost, high-quality, pre-fabricated toilets with an innovative cartridge-based waste collection system. These units, known as Fresh Life Toilets, are then franchised to local community members, who run them either as businesses, as value-added services in residential plots, or as sanitation facilities in community institutions such as schools. Sanergy provides a variety of support services to the franchisees – known as Fresh Life Operators – including access to interest-free loans through Kiva, marketing and branding support and regular waste collection. Sanergy removes the waste from the community and converts it into a variety of saleable by-products, including organic fertilizer and insect-based animal feed.


Sanergy wanted to create a toilet-use habit through a combination of economic incentives and marketing intervention. In order to better understand Fresh Life Toilet usage trends, Sanergy was looking for a way to incentivize usage via a loyalty program while also capturing data on which customers were using Fresh Life Toilets at different times of the day. This data could then be used to develop promotions and increase revenue.

To do this, Sanergy needed an affordablesecure and simple solution to scan users’ loyalty cards and capture relevant information.


Each Fresh Life Toilet user is given a personal NFC card. There are four different card categories, offering different discount packages to users.

Fresh Life Operators use the Famoco device as a Mobile Point of Sale that can determine what discount to offer Fresh Life users who present their personal loyalty card.

Sanergy also uses the Famoco device to collect user’ data in order to improve the system and to offer better services. For instance, Sanergy has been tracking the times of day at which Fresh Life Toilets are most and least used to better adapt discounts.


  • The solution is easy and fast to deploy in the field and does not require any end-user configuration.
  • The solution is easy to us: as the Famoco device is a dedicated reader, only Sanergy’s app runs on the terminal.
  • The Famoco reader has no street value: devices are not stolen.
  • The Famoco device is a ruggedized device: it has a longer battery life and can resist extreme heat and humidity.
  • The Famoco device is cost-effective as it’s adapted to a real business need.

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