Biometric device for Entreprise Mobility Management

Famoco has designed a secure biometric Android device for faster market deployment which leverages biometrics as a transaction validator for various business cases.

Today, Famoco has partnered with IDEMIA, the leading company in trusted identities, to integrate their Fingerprint technology into Famoco device.

This Biometric Android device include NFC (read & write), SIM card slot, SAM (Secure Access Module) card slot and Secure Element, designed to provide highly secure contactless and fingerprint transactions. This Fingerprint-reader device benefit from 3G network, Camera, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and more. Discover our product and download the product sheet if you want more information.

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The Biometric device is integrated with



B2B OS is a customized & optimized operating system based on Android. It has been designed for business usage & to manage devices.

Mobile Device Management

Integrated into each Famoco handheld device, our mobile device management platform allows businesses to manage devices remotely.

Biometric FX100 Fingerprint-Reader Android Handheld Device

The biometric FX100 is a dedicated integrated fingerprint reader, designed for mobile identification. It has a back camera that can scan ID documents if needed.



fingerprint icon


Idemia fingerprint reader

NFC icon


Read & Write

3.5inch sreen icon


Touch screen


Customized & optimized OS based on Android (AOSP)

Biometric FX100 devices with front and back view

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