Handheld devices for Enterprise Mobility Management

Famoco provides a range of secure handheld Android PDA based on a modified Android 6.0 Operating System designed for seamless & mass deployment. This solution integrates a mobile device management platform where the administrator remotely managed every parameter of the fleet of devices: automated set-up (25 sec per devices), deploy apps remotely, real-time monitoring.

Famoco series of Android PDA include NFC reader & writer, SIM card slot, SAM (Secure Access Module) smart card slot & a Secure Element; designed to provide highly secure contactless transactions with key authentication. The all-in-one solution suits perfectly for enterprise mobility, contactless payment, mPOS, public transport ticket validation.

Besides the high-level security features, Famoco series of Android mobile computers are based with a touchscreen, 3G, Camera, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi…

Famoco FX series is composed of our 3 handheld Android PDAs come along with field-work oriented accessories as robust rubber bumpers, wall casing for NFC usage, belt clip…


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All Famoco devices are integrated with

Famoco Android OS

A cutting-edge B2B operating system based on Android 6.0, which is designed for business to work in a secure environment.

Mobile Device Management

Integrated into each Famoco handheld device, our mobile device management platform allows businesses to manage devices remotely.

FX100 Small Android NFC-Reader

The FX100 is a dedicated device, designed for light and agile mobile work. It benefits from every feature of a smartphone (camera, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS..) in a secure and business-oriented environment.

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3.5inch sreen icon


Touch Screen

NFC icon


Read & write

sam icon

SAM Slot

Increase your device security with a Secure Access Module card

light icon


Lightweight device, enhance workers safety.

FX100 device with front and back views

FX200 Large screen Android handheld PDA

The FX200 is an Android 6.0 PDA with a high quality 4.5” screen suitable for more advanced applications or when you need to type significant amounts of data.

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4.5inch sreen icon

Large Screen

Manage with ease applications on the field.

NFC icon


Read & write

sam icon

SAM Slot

Increase your device security with a Secure Access Module card

dual sim icon

Dual Sim slot

Improve mobility work.

FX200 device with front and back views

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