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The Managed Android OS: A Multi-Layers Architecture

Secure Android OS

Android is a great operating system that allows developers to build business apps efficiently and quickly. However, when you think of business apps used on traditional smartphones, you realize Android has two major flaws: open by definition, it’s not truly secure, and built from a user centric prospective, it can easily be manipulated and hijacked for personal use.

That’s why FAMOCO developed a secure OS based on the Android Open Source project (AOSP) 6.0 (Marshmallow), dedicated to professional use and focused on the purpose the device was built and configured for. There’s no app or play store and the interface is limited. No third-party data is collected and all usage, localization and functional information is protected. This means our devices are safe from malicious acts or attacks.


Applications Layer

Our case studies are as diverse as our clients and our remote management platform, the Famoco Management Suite (FMS), enables quick device set up and instant updates. Administrators can easily monitor fleets and run diagnostics on such things as connectivity, battery life and more.

All our devices are delivered with an integrated mobile device management (MDM) agent that allows remote management of all fleets in the field.

Famoco Management Suite First Steps

Famoco Management Suite User Interface

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Is my device compatible?

Famoco Managed Android OS supports Samsung Knox. You can fully benefit from the effective level security of Samsung Knox combined with Famoco Android OS and managing your devices remotely and securely inside Famoco Management Suite.

For any other third-party device, contact us to assess compatibility.

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