PAY 03/18/2015

Famoco won the Contactless Challenge, a ceremony organized by Orange Fab

We are proud to announce that Famoco won two Contactless Challenge’s awards, a competition organized by Orange Fab. After winning two French Tech’s prizes in 2014, these are two news awards! A new acknowledgement from the Contactless’ world for Famoco.

The Contactless Challenge is a competition that brings together French’s contactless related startups, French Industrials and experts. They come together during this start-up competition to identify contactless solutions of tomorrow and help them in their development. Famoco showcased its NFC solution based on a secure, connected and versatile NFC Android device. The solution adapts to several use cases especially in the cashless payment, loyalty, transportation, Business Process Management, workforce automation and e-gov markets. Famoco aims at filling the gap between very ruggedized devices and very flexible smartphones by offering the same level of security and the same features.

Orange Fab’s price:

Orange Fab France is a start-up accelerator designed to help French start-ups that have developed a product that is transforming the way we communicate. Privileged access to distribution channels, markets, and Orange’s expertise.

SCS Cluster’s price:

SCS Cluster aims to bring together players in the field of contactless. Famoco won a free memberships to the SCS Cluster to discover services and meet contactless’ specialists. A real opportunity to develop our future projects.

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