Creating a staff-connected room with 1Check


THE CLIENT 1check has developed a professional solution that targets operations management in the hospitality industry. It enables businesses such as hotels and holiday centres to improve productivity through the digitization of their processes, using devices and digital platforms. THE CHALLENGE Digital transformation is having a great impact on [...]

NFC students attendance tracking



THE CLIENT Infordata Sistemi S.r.l. is based in Trieste, Italy. They provide card technology, automatic identification and automation system products and services globally. In-house consultants and partner companies work with clients to find solutions for their printing, customization, reader and card writing needs. WHAT WAS THE CHALLENGE? Today the organization [...]

Team on the Run and FAMOCO revolutionize Group Communication in the Hospitality industry



THE CLIENT Team on the Run is a service run by StreamWIDE UK Limited, based in London, United Kingdom. Team on the Run is a business messaging power tool that provides industrial end-to-end security, ensuring corporate privacy. The tool guarantees safe and verifiable transmission of all messages: text, corporate documents, maps, [...]