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After 2 ½ years of research & development, Famoco is proud to provide a comprehensive suite of products designed to empower mobile business applications. We offer a series of devices, along with a secure, Android-based operating system and integrated mobile device management solution.
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FX Series

The FX series are a suite of professional-grade mobile devices that have been deployed in various formats, with over 400 clients, since its launch in 2013. Depending on your specific requirements, you’ll find the perfect device to deploy mobile solutions quickly and securely. Whether you need a pocket-sized device, a wider, high-quality screen, a rugged barcode scanner or a transport card validator… we’ve got something for you.



A suite of Integrated fingerprint readers

Famoco has designed secured FX series devices with fingerprint technology integrated to enable any type of digital transactions which leverages fingerprint as a mode to complete the transaction. The data is secured using cryptography and leverages the blockchain technology. Biometrics has become a unique identifier to validate digital transactions for various business cases.

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