The Spanish social decree highlights the rise of attendance tracking across Europe.

March 20th, 2019.


The rise of technology has created new interest in attendance tracking and access control, and it is spreading all across Europe. The European Commission wrote a paper about secure access control, Scandinavian countries require construction workers to clock in and out, and the Spanish government is currently approving a social decree that requires companies to register the workday of the workers.


The interest comes from various reason such as employees extra-hours payment, security concerns, part-time contract regulation, and millions of euros missing in Social Security.


What is the Spanish social decree?


The Spanish government approves the new social decree includes the necessity for companies to record daily employees worktime and to store the employee’s worktime registry for four years. Companies will have to inform their employees about the number of extra hours done.


The reason behind the social decree is apparent: the government wants to avoid illegal work in the country, better regulate part-time contract and push companies to pay overtime correctly to fully benefit from the taxes in Social Security. The government has highlighted that 48% of employees who work extra-hours declare not to collect them. Currently, more than 9000 overtime is done each week illegally, resulting in 2000 million euros missing in Social Security.


Companies will have to comply with the new social decree in the following two months after publication of the text, which will take place in the coming days. If companies do not comply and can’t provide the registry of employees work time, they will have to pay fines between 626 & 6,250€.


What is the solution for companies?


Companies will have to implement an attendance tracking solution to comply with this regulation. An attendance tracking solution consists of the employee’s authentification and the registry of data. The most known technology for employee’s authentification is an NFC or RFID card that employees will pass in front of a clocking terminal to validate their entry and exit in their workspace.


Famoco provides a complete solution for attendance tracking with dedicated Android devices based on B2B OS – Android OS made for professionals – and a mobile device management platform to control your devices remotely. More than a simple terminal, Famoco offers a scalable and intelligent solution (IoT).


Famoco has already success stories in facility management, attendance tracking and access control with ISS World, one of the world’s leading facility services companies.


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