BebaPay makes payments easier with technology by Google. No need to carry cash, get a free card from participating Equity Bank Branches and Agents. Then just tap your card anywhere BebaPay is accepted and you’re all set.


The challenge was to create a cashless payment service in adequacy with the requirements of new government laws in Kenya. The purpose was to implement a card acceptance network to enforce security and minimizes the risk of fraud in public transports.


Google as Bebapay implemented with the government our dedicated device for inspectors in public transports. Unlike a smartphone the Famoco’s device can indeed be fully dedicated to only one application. This means that the controller cannot manage and set his device for a personal use. Therefore, the device has no street value and is very less likely to be stolen than a smartphone.

Moreover, the secure Famoco FX100 uses NFC capabilities to allow the cashless payment. A new way to pay for Kenyan habitants that permits to reduce fraud caused by unreported cash payments and allowing money to be collected quickly and safely.


Now you top up your BebaPay card with your mobile money M-PESA account through your phone, and then the ticket inspector uses the Famoco device to debit the contactless card on the bus.

BebaPay successfully implements a new and smarter payment system. This cashless payment solution increases control and security and is the first to meet the requirements of new government laws in Kenya. Furthermore the number of frauds decreases significantly.


“ It is as flexible as a smartphone because it is based on the Android OS. However, it is more secure than smartphones because unlike them it has no street value and can be dedicated to a single task. Many ticket inspectors say that when they use a smartphone to read contactless cards, they are scared that someone snatches it out of their hands. With Famoco, this fear disappears”, says Jeremiah Kariuki, program manager in Google Kenya.

Dorothy Ooko – Google’s Communication Manager in Africa – was interviewed by RFI about BebaPay. Read the interview.


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