CleanJack’s NFC field service management solution


CleanJack is a specialist of NFC field service management and has been active in the cleaning industry since 2007. The company has developed itself to market leader in the field of time and attendance registration for cleaning companies. One of the most important elements in the service is ‘24/7 transparency’. Directors and area managers always have an overview of which cleaning is (not) present at which location. By making the operational process transparent, cleaning companies realize a significant growth in professionalism.

CleanJack is an interactive system for time registration and attendance registration, intended for cleaners and managers of cleaning companies. The CleanJack registration system is easy to use. CleanJack ensures a better quality of cleaning jobs, optimum process control and cost management. Cleaning companies will keep their wage costs under control.


CleanJack were looking to give their clients real-time overview of their teams thanks to NFC field service management solution. Cleaning technicians needed to be traceable, have the ability to check-in and out of locations and have instant access to schedules and messages. To deploy such a solution CleanJack was looking for a device that was mobile, secure and affordable and meeting the following requirements:

  • Robustly-built, lightweight and pocket sized to meet the requirements of mobile workers
  • Professional and dedicated device to disable personal applications: messaging, voice, social media, etc.
  • Connected to enable real time messaging and notification between workers


CleanJack developed a NFC field service management solution and a specific application to meet these needs and chose the Famoco device for the deployments. Employees are equipped with a Famoco device that has the CleanJack application in kiosk mode. NFC tags are placed at the client-site for check-in and check-out and devices have a 3G connection that enables schedules and messages to be pushed to the user. Devices are controlled through an online dashboard: applications can be pushed, settings adjusted and real-time information about who is working at what location can be viewed.


The CleanJack solution based on Famoco has been highly adopted by end clients who report a 40% increase in staff efficiency and 50% cost savings. Managers manage team effectively and benefit from reliable data thanks to a flexible, secure and dedicated device. Customer satisfaction is also high, as complaints are resolved faster, workers can highlight the tasks accomplished in the field and work is no longer challenged by managers. Finaly the digital tracking of tasks means less paper administration and more accountability. The CleanJack mobile attendance tracking solution has been deployed in 6 countries with Famoco’s FX100 device.

In their words

“It allows real-time tracking and reporting, as well as on-site communication with our employees. We can now better track and manage our business performance. CleanJack and the Famoco device are definitely the most effective solution for my business”, says Bram Broerse who has already adopted CleanJack in his company Bram Broerse Schoner makers.


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