Digitalize tax collection to make it more reliable, traceable and efficient.

Digitalize tax collection in Ivory-Coast with Innoving


“Africa missed the industrial revolution, but is not allowed to miss the digital one. And Famoco terminals are an essential asset for the deployment of digital business solutions, dedicated to our business environment to accelerate the digital transformation.”

Alex Degny, CEO & Founder of Innoving.


The issue of the municipal tax collection in San Pedro

In San Pedro, the second economical pole of the Ivory Coast, the City Council faces a loss of municipal taxes, with ⅔ of collected taxes that do not return to the collectivity. Ideally, tax collectors provide taxpayers with a ticket in the amount of the taxes they pay to the collectors. Unfortunately, lots of tickets are falsified and don’t match with the real amount of the taxe that should be collected and the traceability of the taxes is nearly non-existent. Anoblé Miézan Félix, mayor of San Pedro and Minister of SMB wished to address this issue by digitalizing the tax collections in order to avoid frauds and collect properly from taxpayers.


Digitalize tax collection services

Innoving developed an Android application that allows the collectors to identify and enroll taxpayers on the move. They save taxpayer’s information, take a picture of the merchant ID and geolocalise the business automatically during the identification. This app allows the collector to scan the taxpayer’s NFC card, to send the amount to pay, to collect this amount, to validate the transaction and send the confirmation of payment by SMS to the taxpayer. The application automatically sends the information to the city council, which can accurately track the taxes collection.

A woman and a man paying taxes in Ivory-Coast

A need for a mobile device dedicated to the business environment

Innoving needed dedicated mobile terminals to equip the collectors. These terminals had to be Android-based to host the application, integrated with a camera to scan ID cards, have good connectivity to send data to the city council and transaction confirmations by SMS to taxpayers. With more than 100 collectors, Innoving needed a fleet of mobile terminals that could be configured remotely, blocking the installation of other applications (in order to avoid paying for unnecessary mobile data) and that can be located in case of loss or theft.


Famoco, the ideal answer to the need for digitization on the move

Innoving has chosen to deploy the mobile application on Famoco FX200 mobile devices, which are dedicated to the business environment, remotely configurable from the Famoco MDM platform. The terminals only accept applications installed from the platform and no other applications can be installed on the terminal, enhancing the security and control of the devices.

In addition, the MDM’s map feature provides an overview of the location of all mobile devices deployed in the field in order to improve device traceability.


15 000

taxpayers registered in less than 2 months

+100 collectors

collect taxes on the move daily

1 month vs 6 months

The value of taxes collected in 1 month is equal to 6 months with the former system


Since the start of the project in February 2020, more than 15,000 taxpayers have been registered with FX200 mobile terminals out of a total of 50,000 to be registered. Every day, more than 100 collectors will collect municipal taxes in mobility equipped with Famoco terminals, making tax collection reliable, traceable and efficient. The implementation of the new application made it possible to collect in one month what the old system collected in 6 months.



About Innoving

Innoving is an integrator and provider of digital services. Specialising in the Internet of Things (IoT), Innoving carries out and concretises digitisation projects. With its expertise in the deployment of IoT projects and perfect mastery of existing technologies, Innoving manages the entire technical complexity of a digital project from end to end to enable companies to concentrate on their business and remain in control of their costs and deadlines.

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