Creating a staff-connected room with 1Check


1Check has developed a professional solution that targets operations management in the hospitality industry. It enables businesses such as hotels and holiday centers to improve productivity through the digitization of their processes, using devices and digital platforms.


Digital transformation is having a great impact on the hospitality & travel industry, mainly because clients are turning digital: they search for and book new experiences online, check reviews on TripAdvisor, post comments and expect instant replies as well as a high quality of service.
But hotel staff are not yet on the same page. The reception is usually connected to a Property Management System (PMS), but beyond this point, most establishments rely on two major tools: paper and phone. Maids, housekeepers and maintenance technicians are not connected and have no specifically designed tools to help them communicate in real time to share detailed information, assign tasks and help them answer or track guests requests.


1CHECK has  partnered with Famoco to launch the concept of « staff-connected rooms »

1Check uses Famoco’s secure, affordable and dedicated Android devices to digitize all hospitality management related processes.
Their offering includes :
– mobile devices used by maids, housekeepers and maintenance technicians to perform their tasks and communicate with one another
– a web interface used by management to organize tasks and make the right decisions in terms of finance and operations, using real-time KPIs

Transformed into a smart object, the hotel room interacts simply and efficiently with every staff member

Using Famoco devices and NFC tags in hotels rooms, 1Check creates a direct link between the room itself and staff members. All information required to complete specific tasks are easily accessible by waving the device in front of the tag.

The solution gives the front-desk team a unique vision on what is happening in the hotel (incidents, room cleaning status, lost & founds, …), and enables them to provide guests with up-to-date information regarding their stay.


1Check is now able to directly improve the quality of service by increasing the overall team performance and reactivity, using its process management solution and dedicated information and communication system on Famoco devices.

As an example, the 5-star Hotel d’Aubusson in Paris has chosen the staff-connected room created by 1Check and Famoco. This revolution has been undeniably successful for the hotel and its Conciergerie: all tasks, such as cleaning a room or solving a technical problem, are easier to manage as the transmission of information has been streamlined and simplified.

The solution developed by Famoco and 1Check enables Hotel d’Aubusson to cut out over 1,700 checks per year.

Link to article around the successful digital transformation of the Hotel d’Aubusson:

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