The Client

ATALIAN Global Services, an independent French group, is one of the leading integrated service providers in the world. Every day, the group’s 100,000 employees support businesses and communities by tailoring solutions to their needs.

Over 25,000 companies trust the group, which generates a turnover of more than € 2.0 billion (2017 forecast). Recognized as an independent leader of facility services with over 70 years’ experience, ATALIAN is focused on bringing value to its clients on a daily basis.

Lancry, focused on surveillance, safety, security in companies, is one of the 4 branches of Atalian Group’s Safety & Security division in France with: APFS (airport safety), ACS (canine detection capability), AST (technological security solutions). Through this division, ATALIAN is able to offer a complete range of services to its customers, combining technological innovations, with a more traditional know-how to adapt to their diverse security needs.

The Challenge

Before 2017, monitoring the working hours of all security personnel assigned to Lancry clients’ sites involved signing time sheets (at the end of each service & at each break).

This tracking model poses a number of problems:

  • Paper time sheets are not a reliable employee tracking tool (the documents are easily falsifiable)
  • The administrative processes (input, personnel management and payroll) are onerous and inflexible and can lead to errors (human input, loss of time sheets)
  • Archiving and securing data is inefficient
  • In case of employee absence, management reactivity is too long, which negatively impacts the quality of the service offered to the end customer. In a sector where the provider’s commitments relate to the means used and not to the result (security), attendance monitoring is paramount.
  • In France there is a legal requirement to respect personal information when keeping attendance records.

The Solution

At the instigation of its President, the Group’s Security Division has set out to implement a project called “Digital clock-in and out”, throughout France, with a deadline of 12 to 18 months.

The idea was to create a digital tool that allowed employees to declare themselves at the start and end of their shift and for management and administrative services to automate monitoring and payroll.

The project, which required a lot of support as part of a complex change management, began with the inventory of the ID photos of each employee and the re-issuing of all the employee cards.  In the new centralized system, all employees were identified (photos and personal information) and given a name badge that corresponds to their professional card (legal requirement related to this profession) and incorporates an RFID chip.

Employees can then use the badge to clock-in on arrival and clock-out on departure on a badge reader: this is aFX100+ device, usually in a metal protection box, attached to the wall of the central security post of the site. When the site is very large, such as the Gare du Nord train station in Paris, the manager is equipped with the FX100+ and goes to the security agents to clock them in/out.

In the event of a 5 to 10 minute delay in clocking-in, a notification is sent directly to the manager to warn them. They can then take necessary steps to fill the vacant security position. This data is stored in the online platform, and allows management to keep an accurate history of employee attendance and any actions taken by managers. The platform also shows the employee schedules in real-time, badges can be activated or deactivated and badging devices can be tracked remotely.

Finally, the platform, which is connected to the company’s ERP, serves as administrative base to monitor the working hours and pay of employees, which is verified for accuracy by managers.

Clocking system deployed by Lancry in France

The Results

All 550 sites on which Lancry operates in France are equipped with the solution, which represents 4500 people throughout the country.

Since the deployment, the administrative processes have been optimized which means more transparent and reliable monitoring on a daily basis for all employees in the field. This transparency is essential for both employees (in terms of payroll) and for customers who want to, in compliance with the legal requirements in force in France, view the attendance information directly on a dedicated platform.

The quality of service for the end customer has increased as the response time in the event of a staffing problem has been reduced. The implementation of the solution is a major competitive advantage for the entire group, since it gives the end customer a measurable overview of the respect of the commitments made in the contract.

The project also supports the Group’s CSR commitments.

The project won Silver at 2017 Safety Trophy.

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