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26th October 2020


“Famoco has helped us scale our operations to new heights, manage our apps better, and most importantly have a wonderful support system here in India to help us at any moment.”

– Abhilash Gowdara, Founder & CEO of AtomX


The creation of a seamless and transparent experience


Willing to create an innovative user experience at live events in India, AtomX designed a cashless payment solution, specializing in closed-loop transactions. Along with event organizers, their goal is to provide participants a simplified payment experience, whether it is in exhibitions, music festivals, or even food trucks. 

According to Abhilash Gowdara, the CEO of the company, “there was zero transparency among fans, organizers and vendors for payment”. They built the ATOMX NFC cashless payments platform to make the entire fan experience seamless and efficient.

However, AtomX still faced issues at the early stage of its cashless payment platform and struggled to find the right hosting device.


Famoco FX200 device used by AtomX during events


A need for Android devices to gain more scalability


The first version of AtomX’s solution was created in the Objective-C language, but it did not offer them much scalability. This version has made early device deployments difficult. This is why AtomX wanted to host their platform on an Android device, to gain more flexibility in configurations and deployments of their cashless payment services.

A total transaction value of $1 million per year


Since the collaboration of AtomX with Famoco, and the adoption of the FX100 and FX200 mobile devices in 2016, the solution provider has counted a total transaction value of $1M and 400K unique transactions per year. They have been able to create a seamless payment experience in large-scale events, as the U2 Tour in December 2019 with BookMyShow.

“Famoco was a game-changer for us”, tells Abhilash Gowdara. With the Famoco OS (an Android based OS for businesses), they gain the scalability needed and more flexibility in their configuration, whether it is for the creation of reports or the edition of menus. Moreover, the FX100 and FX200 offered event organizers, working with AtomX, an easy deployment in fields. As a result, AtomX gained “a lot of advancement in [their] operational and management system”.

A solution provider during the health crisis


The Covid-19 changed AtomX’s situation too. To deal with a decreasing number of live events, they have adapted their services to the situation. Concerned by the health security of Indian people, the company joined hands with hospitals to offer its cashless payment solution to patients. By doing so, hospitals avoid any risk of contamination by exchanging currencies. 

Besides the hospitals, AtomX is also extending contactless services to quarantine centers, hostels, university campuses, and also in many parking bays. Even during this difficult situation, AtomX remains an innovative solution provider in India.



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