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WENDA an innovative Italian startup, that delivers IoT solutions to support product quality and performance in the Food & Beverage market. They have designed, engineered and developed MEMORvINO in an aim to gather data, use it to give meaningful insights, and enable data-driven decisions.

WENDA has three major IoT innovations: Unique, a patented tracking solution to protect the quality and the authenticity of fine wine bottles,  jODYN IoT, an integrated tracking solution specifically tailored for transport and logistics, and MEMORvINO a lead and data generation solution for Wine Tasting Events.



Wine Tasting Events are hugely popular all over the globe and hundreds take place daily. They gather large numbers of people to taste and discover new wines. Over the course of an event, attendees will taste numerous wines from different producers and it is not always easy to keep a record of which wines have been tasted or who the producer of the preferred wines is.

Tracking the data from wine tasting events is challenging; wine producers want to know who attended and what wines were tasted by whom so that they can personalize their follow-ups post-event. Attendees want to know what wines they tasted and how to purchase the ones they liked.


Wenda has created an integrated tracking solution that does not interfere or take the focus off the wine tasting itself. The MEMORvINO solution is composed of Famoco FX100+ devices that run Wenda’s MvApp application and interfaces with the ODYN Platform.

During events, devices are assigned to the wine producers, which they place on their tasting table next to each wine they are presenting. A personal smart glass, that has a small NFC sticker on, is given to each attendee at the time of registration.

When tasting the wine, the attendee will first place their glass over the device next to the wine, to record that they have tasted that particular wine.

All the information is sent to the ODYN Platform via a wireless network where it is centralized. The information can then be used all involved: Wine Producers, Attendees, and Event Management.


Thanks to MEMORvINO, all the significant data from the Wine Tasting event will be recorded, traceable and manageable: contact information about all the wine producers and attendees as well as product data sheets of all the wines will be in the system.

All the event transactions that were recorded using the smart wine glasses and devices on the table are detailed and it is possible to know which wine, by which producer was tasted by which attendee.

Immediately after the event:

  • the attendees will receive personalized lists with information about the wines they tasted, the marketing datasheets of those wines, and contact information about the wine producers
  • the wine producers will receive information about the attendees that tasted their wines, and which wines they tasted
  • the event management will have a complete set of overall data which will give them an overview of the event performance

The strength of this solution? MEMORvINO enables a continuity to the wine tasting experience and provides all the event’s actors with useful information event after event.
More features will be progressively added to MEMORvINO, to enrich the experience even further.

At the end of October 2017, MEMORvINO by WENDA won the Premio Gaetano Marzotto – Special Prize Corporate Fast Track Marzotto 2017 selected by the Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, one of the most prestigious recognition for innovative companies.
In 2016 WENDA won the same prize with Unique – Luxury Brand of WENDA (selected by IngDan).


Visit MEMOvINO’s website :


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