PayinTech deploys Famoco devices for cashless payments


PayinTech is the European leader in fixed cashless solutions for the entertainment and leisure industries: resorts, campsites, stadiums, and touristic sites. Thanks to its music division, the group is also leader in cashless festivals. They set up a comprehensive cashless solution aimed at music festivals organisers who wish to secure and optimize all the transactions made during their event. Up to now, 350,000 festival-goers around the world (in 7 countries) have had the opportunity to experience this system, therefore enjoying their festival in the best possible way, that is to say without the never-ending waiting lines at bars and restaurants.


The challenge was to implement a cashless payment technology in order to gain more fluidity, simplicity and security for both customers and organisers.


In order to reach their goals, they equipped stationary booths with the dedicated Famoco devices and festival-goers with a RFID card or wristband. They also use the Famoco devices as top-up mobile POS terminals in order to recharge festival-goers’ cards/wristbands with credit, so as to purchase drinks or merchandising items.

On this case, the flexibility of the Famoco device and its NFC capabilities enable cashiers to gain in rapidity and efficiency. Furthermore, with an embedded hardware Secure Element and UICC SAM, the Famoco device meets the highest security requirements for cashless payments.


Besides their main feature – mobility – the Famoco devices enable cashiers to move around the entire festival and perform supporting top-up transactions.

Then if a payment point is suddenly crowded during an unexpected rush, the Famoco devices allows them to instantly increase the number of cashless payment points without the constraint of installing a table, a payment booth, or any other hard facility. It is another guaranty that MyBee will hold its promise to reduce all waiting lines.


“The main results for us are increased flexibility and speed: if one side of a bar gets overwhelmed with clients, we can deploy 3 additional payment points for instance, within a few minutes, only with a cashier and a Famoco device. It also changes the way people experience their festival: the bar comes to them, they can order from a cashier who walks around and is immediately available to take their order and perform the cashless payment transaction. It is an outstanding added value for our clients, who easily keep in mind the benefits that the light and user-friendly Famoco devices brought to their event”, says Bertrand Sylvestre-Boncheval, PayinTech, President and Head of Product Development.



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