Nature Pass, a cashless payment and access control solution

Get activities with your wristband


NaturePass is multi-activity and multi-sites pass offering a wide choice of activities as bowling, cinema, sport and outdoor activities along the year in Dévoluy ski stations. With your NaturePass, you can access to unlimited activities with many offers and discounts.


The challenge was to offer another solution to enjoy the multi-activity pass for the customers and in the same time something allowing partners to get a real time feedback about their activity and which increases their efficiency.


Every customer gets a RFID wristband nominative pass at the tourist office that allows him to make activities and get discounts. After acquiring his pass the client consults the list of activities through the NaturePass application on his smartphone. Then when the customer arrives on site, the company controls the access with the Famoco device and its NFC technology.

In this case, the Famoco FX100 enables NaturePass to deploy for their partners a control access system and in a same time a cashless payment solution. Indeed there is no payment between the end-costumer and the partner because it is doing by the NFC pass and the billing goes directly to the tourist office.

Moreover the FX100 is fully dedicated to one application and partners have no application to launch, no manual configuration to set-up or update. Everything is set through the Famoco Management Suite enabling NaturePass to manage all the devices over the air and in a few seconds. Unlike a smartphone, that permits NaturePass to implement or update new information and functionality remotely and keeps all devices for a professional use.


Famoco’s device enabled companies to deploy an access control system and a cashless payment solution that make easier the customer relation. Finally this solution permits business partners to get a real time feedback through the dashboard about reservations and billings. Indeed that allows companies to communicate in real time with customers about activities availabilities.

Today, around 30 partners are equipped by a Famoco device in the ski station and more than 2000 tourists used the NaturePass.


“The Famoco device enables us to deploy our application very easy. Indeed it was important for us to offer our partners a simple way to implement our solution and to manage it. Now each partner has a Famoco device and can manage easily their activities with the dashboard activity. For us, the Famoco device appeared to be the best fit for our solution. Then with the Management Suite we can manage all the devices quickly. We are now working about the possibility to implement this solution during the summer season for the camping” Hervé Abel – SEO ABC SmartCard

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