Optimize the management of mobile agent of the National Lottery of Benin


“The Famoco MDM helps us tremendously when we need to install an application and make changes to the settings of an entire fleet of PX400, since they are remotely controllable. Thanks to the Famoco solution, we can be more efficient. In addition, the platform is well organized and the support team meets our needs perfectly”. Diego Fernando, Operations Consultant at Africa Innovations



The issue of the National Lottery of Benin


The National Lottery of Benin is working with Africa Innovations to deploy the LOTO application and offer the possibility to play on the entire Beninese territory. Africa Innovations is in charge of distributing mobile devices with an integrated printer to hundreds of agents in the field, so players can bet and receive their game tickets. All the agents are equipped with a mobile device with the LOTO application. However, as soon as an update or problem occurs with the application, the agent must travel to Cotonou – in the south of Benin – for a manual update on the mobile device. The journey to Cotonou can take up to 8 hours when an agent lives in the north of the country, which means the agent loses one workday. With more than 700 daily tickets printed per terminal, one day without an agent can be significant on the turnover of the National Lottery and the agent life.


Entrance of loterie center in Benin


Remote management of a fleet of mobile devices in order to optimize the activity


Africa Innovations was not satisfied with the solution implemented, as the devices were not mobile and could not be configured remotely, thus slowing down the efficiency of the activity. With more than 700 agents of the National Lottery of Benin throughout the country, updating an application quickly becomes time-consuming. The solution in place was not scalable: if Africa Innovations decided to add a new app on the mobile device, they had to ask the agent to come or do it themselves.


However, the needs of Africa Innovations are precise, the business terminals need:

  • To be mobile to work on the move
  • A good connectivity
  • To be secure so only business application are allowed
  • A fast printer to print the players’ tickets
  • A camera to scan the barcode of the ticket to give the status of the ticket to the player.
  • To be remotely manageable to update apps 



2800 hours saved with each update


Africa Innovations chose to work with Famoco to deploy the LOTO application on the Famoco PX400, an Android mobile terminal integrating a thermal printer, camera, and excellent connectivity. This terminal is lighter and much less bulky compared to the solution that was in place, making the lottery agents’ activity more comfortable on the move. The undeniable advantage was that all Famoco Android devices are natively connected to a mobile device management platform: the Famoco MDM. From this platform, the update of the LOTO application is executed remotely, on all the mobile devices, in just a few clicks. 


Since November 2019, more than 700 agents no longer need to travel to update the app; they no longer waste time and can concentrate on their business. The time saved for an update is estimated at 2800 hours, which is 4 hours per agent who no longer need to travel unnecessarily and can maximize their working days. Today, the PX400 mobile terminals operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Sunday, and print over 700 tickets per terminal, daily.

logo national lottery of Benin

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