Orange Morocco's SmartRecharge


Today, mobile customers are used to everything being seamless and instantaneous. In Morocco, Orange is already well-engaged on the path to meeting this customer expectation – not so long ago, they launched the use of QR codes so customers could easily retrieve the top-up card code. But it still required customers to give their phone number to agents in order top-up their prepaid phone account. From time to time, customers can encounter problems such as vendor errors when entering the phone number, which leads to the top-up being allocated to the wrong number. Furthermore, in some countries, women hesitate before topping-up their prepaid phone credit because they are reluctant to give their phone number for fear of misuse by the vendor.


In April 2017, Orange Morocco came up with a new offer called SmartRecharge. Customers can now top-up their mobile phone credit securely and instantly – without even having to give their phone number. How does it work? Customers just have to purchase SmartRecharge NFC cards or stickers and pair them with their phone number so their phone details are stored on the NFC tag. These card or stickers are then used to instantly identify customers who can easily top-up their phone credit in Orange shops or at selected vendors.



Agents are equipped with Famoco Android-based dedicated devices, which integrate the SmartRecharge application and are able to instantaneously read the information contained in the SmartRecharge card, thus making the top-up process secure, immediate, and unique to each customer. These devices meet Orange’s requirements perfectly: they are intuitive, easy to deploy and managed over the air – on top of having no street value, which prevents any potential theft.


In April 2017, SmartRecharge had been deployed in over 30 cities in Morocco. It is helping both clients and retailers to experiment a much easier top-up process.

About the client:

Orange Morocco, previously Meditel, is the second biggest mobile operator in Morocco after Maroc Telecom, with about 10 million subscribers. With this subsidiary, Orange has now over 55 million arab-speaking clients.

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