Paris rethinks the tourist experience


PayinTech is one of the European leaders in cashless solutions for the entertainment and leisure industries: tourist sites, resorts, campsites and stadiums. They provide NFC wristbands that can handle all kinds of transactions linked to an online dashboard that manages the financial flows, stocks and records customer behavior.


Paris region welcomes over 15 Million tourists each year. Despite the high density of tourist attractions in the capital, some monuments and activities are must-sees for tourists visiting Paris. However, there was no all-in-one payment solution for the visitors. In order to revive a sluggish tourist sector, the region and its President wanted to improve the visitor experience by deploying innovative digital services.


To achieve their digital services goals, the city chose PayinTech’s solution to create the Paris Region Pass. The solution is based on Famoco’s NFC technology which works with a connected wristband that is worn by visitors. Tourists can purchase the wristbands throughout the city, including at tourist offices. With their wristband, visitors have access to multiple activities: visit of the Arc de Triomphe, a ride on a sightseeing bus or a cruise along the Seine. All they have to do is to have their wristband scanned at the entrance to each attraction by staff using Famoco NFC devices.

The devices are perfectly adapted to the PayinTech solution: they are easy to use and deploy, fully secured and managed over-the-air, ensuring intuitive use, data protection and remote control. They also have no street value and are dedicated to the access control application, which can prevent theft and misuse, but also optimize battery use.


Launched in July 2017, over 6,000 Paris Region Pass wristbands were sold within the 1st month. The NFC wristband has revolutionized the business of urban tourism as it is fast to deploy and simplifies visitors’ stay in the city. The concept can be extended to cities around the world and the wristbands become souvenirs of the different places visited.

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