Protecting health data of dependent people with secure devices

“In 5 years, we have equipped nearly 30,000 professionals who help dependent people at home or in institutions with professional mobile solutions. These solutions allow them to have all the data (planning, care file, …) in the field and to transmit activity data in real-time. The partnership with Famoco allows us to propose a secure offer dedicated to professional use. Each terminal is guaranteed for 2 years against any damage, which simplifies the management of each organization’s fleet” – Guillaume Bouillot, President at Medisys


A digital solution for healthcare professionals on the move


For more than 30 years, Medisys has been working with many French actors in the medical-social field, editing health management applications. Whether it is for home nursing care services or for residential care facilities for dependent elderly people, Medisys meets their needs by facilitating the management, security and processing of patient health data through its applications.


From mobile terminals, healthcare professionals can access monitoring data (patient monitoring), medical information, tour diaries or even the complete patient identity sheet (contact details, medical history, referring contacts, etc.). These applications collect a lot of sensitive data on patients and caregivers, which must be very strictly protected from any undesirable access. Faced with these data protection challenges, Medisys has designed a secure offer.



The importance of patient data protection


Today, large mobile healthcare facilities are aware of the risk of medical data leaks and are ready to invest in professional and secure fleets of devices to prevent data leaks. For financial reasons, smaller organizations are often tempted not to equip their teams with professional terminals and ask them to install the business application on each employee’s smartphone. This increases vulnerabilities and the risk of data leakage in favor of a reduction in deployment costs. This practice, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), poses a serious problem in this context of fragile audiences.


The risk of data leakage is accentuated when healthcare personnel use their personal phone for their professional activity, because, as we have seen recently, phone manufacturers allow themselves to collect the private data of their users. This news already does not inspire confidence for an ordinary user with his personal data, but since it also includes sensitive professional data, it constitutes a major risk for the structures and their beneficiaries.


a healthcare professional using a mobile device for his work


Medisys, concerned about the safety of its customers and patients, offers an additional layer of security by protecting all their sensitive data; such as home addresses, home health care workers’ tour times or patient health information. Since this protection is not provided with BYOD, it becomes necessary to prevent all risks by offering a solution that includes fully secure professional mobile devices that do not transmit any metadata to the outside.

The deployment of a French solution adapted to the sovereignty of private data


The interest of Medisys is to distribute a service including the business application, the professional terminal and a mobile device management platform (an MDM). In this way, the company fully assures the sovereignty of health data for healthcare professionals as well as patients. In addition, it focuses on French products that meet the country’s specific regulations, but above all adds a layer of trust to the beneficiaries of the solution.


the medisys app used for healthcare professional and patients.


For nearly 5 years, Medisys has been working with Famoco to deploy throughout France a secure solution for medical and social actors and their patients. Today, we have nearly 30,000 FX200 secure terminals in all metropolitan and overseas regions. Being under the Famoco OS (an Android-based OS dedicated to enterprises), the FX200 is free from Google Mobile Services (such as Maps, Chrome…) and guarantees beneficiaries a huge limitation of metadata transfer to third party servers.


The use of professional software on a dedicated device eliminates most of the risks of leaks and data exchanges. Conversely, these risks are greatly multiplied on a personal smartphone, where professional and personal data are mixed on a tool that is not dedicated to businesses. By adopting the Famoco FX200 terminals, Medisys ensures the sovereignty of healthcare professionals’ and patients’ health data.

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