Provide an attendance tracking solution to avoid school dropouts

4th January 2021


“We were frequently asked to create a solution for scanning student cards with mobile terminals. That is until we came across Famoco, which had the ideal solution for us with the FX200 device. Ever since , they have been a great partner in all aspects, delivering on time, answering all our questions, and in the end helping us scale from 5 devices to over 300 in a matter of weeks.

We can now provide our solution with great confidence, knowing that we have stable Famoco hardware and platform running in the background.”

– Gijs Boosten, Co-Founder of Your Next Concepts



The Netherlands facing a school dropout rate of 31%


In 2014, the Netherlands counted nearly 31% of dropouts in higher education all across the country. It is an alarming figure, knowing that school droppers face many serious consequences as lower wages, fewer job opportunities, and social stigma. Founded in 2015, Your Next Concepts is a dutch company that decided to cope with this situation by designing a solution for a better follow-up of students in higher education. A solution based on attendance tracking at classes and exams all the while processing data in real-time so the follow-up can be done at the right time.

In order to develop their NFC attendance tracking solution, Your Next Concepts had to find an adapted device meeting a large list of technical features and easy to use for users of all ages as supervisors of exams tend to be retired often.


A remotely controlled Android device


As the company had already developed its attendance tracking app on the Android language, it was mandatory to find an Android mobile device that could be remotely managed. This remote control would then allow the company to update hundreds of devices effortlessly in only a few clicks. Also, Your Next Concepts already had an Android-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, but it was difficult to master it. It was essential for them to work on a performant MDM software fully dedicated to the Android OS.

As the attendance tracking solution is based on scanning student cards, Your Next Concepts looked for a device with NFC technology able to easily tap cards on the move. Besides, knowing that many of the device users would be seniors, the startup wanted to host their solution on a mobile device with a wide screen and a long-lasting battery.




A better tracking and deployment thanks to Famoco


To deploy its attendance tracking solution in the Netherlands, Your Next Concepts joined hands with Famoco by adopting more than 300 FX200 Android mobile devices. Operating in the Famoco OS, an Android-based OS dedicated to businesses, the company could easily integrate its app on the devices. Moreover, thanks to the Famoco MDM, devices are activated within minutes and ready to go right away. Your Next Concepts can now effortlessly deploy devices in establishments and update them over-the-air when needed.



More than 70k users of the solution


Universities, and other higher education institutions, quickly adopted Your Next Concepts’ solution instead of their competitors’ thanks to the simplicity of the app combined with the FX200 device. Today we can count more than 70k students and staff using the solution, with more than 1.6 million registrations with FX200 devices in 2020.
Following the current deployment of over 230 devices, the next step of the company would be the scaling of this solution to many more universities in Europe. Your Next Concepts can now track both attendances at classes and exams as well as keep track of the population in an establishment (due to the Covid-19 situation).
Picture of the FX200 in an establishment



A solution provider in scholar establishments during the Covid-19


To keep the population safe during the pandemic crisis, Your Next Concepts adapted its app to track the number of visitors in the buildings, to make sure that government regulations are respected. By checking in and out the entries, Dutch and Belgian universities can now track all at once the number of students, teachers, and staff present in the buildings. It allows the regulation of the flow of people, respecting Covid-19 health and safety policies.
Even during this crisis, Your Next Concepts continues to stay an innovative solution provider for higher education.

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