Mobile banking system with SpotCash in Kenya


SpotCash Mobile banking system is a mobile money integrated system designed by Tangazoletu Ltd. It provides low-cost banking, remittances, cashless payments, mobile payments and other mobile financial inclusion services to thousands of people in countries where banking services are not easily available or accessible.

In 2014, they launched SpotCash Agency banking SpotCash is new service whose purpose is to help people in emerging economies to securely access banking services such as balance enquiries, cash withdrawals, cash deposits and loan applications.


In remote areas of Kenya, retail banking branches are not widespread enough to meet the demand for financial services. This situation forces people to keep their cash with them and increases insecurity.

The main challenge was how to meet the demand for financial services in remote areas of the country by implementing a nfc banking solution? To take-up this challenge, SpotCash decided to implement a mobile banking service across the country. With this approach, banks can empower their customers and give them secure access to their accounts from their mobile phones to check their available balance, transaction summary and process transactions in real time. To ensure a successful deployment of their mobile banking service, SpotCash were looking for an affordable and secure device for their large-scale deployment.


After extensive market research, SpotCash identified Famoco as the best solution. The Famoco FX100 and its NFC technology enables customers to conveniently access and transact with SpotCash. SpotCash developed an Android based application that is pushed to the devices via the Famoco Management Suite. Customers have now an easy and secure access to their money anywhere and anytime. The FX100+ meets the highest security requirements with its embedded hardware Secure Element and UICC Secure Access Model.

The Famoco FX100 also allows them to deploy their solution on the field easily. In fact, thanks to the FAMOCO Management Suite, SpotCash manages and controls its fleet of devices remotely in real time.


To use the service, end-customers must be members of the SpotCash program. The enrolment process is quick and easy and can be done at any SpotCash agent. Once registered, the client will be provided with a NFC card and PIN. The card will hold the clients’ information and the PIN will protect its usage.

After reading the client’s card with the Famoco device, the agent selects the service and the amount to credit or debit. When sending money from one account to another, both stakeholders need to enter their PIN code for the transaction to be processed. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, SpotCash also uses the Famoco FX100 to communicate with a wireless printer to print receipts.

The key benefits:

  • SpotCash uses the Famoco FX100 at every step of its value chain, from the customer’s registration to the billing
  • SpotCash has easily deployed its solution on a large-scale and can now manage its fleets remotely
  • The Famoco FX100 is based on the Android OS but all consumer-oriented features have been disabled meaning the devices to have no street value

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