Team on the Run and Famoco revolutionize Group Communication in the Hospitality industry



Team on the Run is a service run by StreamWIDE UK Limited, based in London, United Kingdom. Team on the Run is a business messaging power tool that provides industrial end-to-end security, ensuring corporate privacy. The tool guarantees safe and verifiable transmission of all messages: text, corporate documents, maps, contacts, photos, videos, music and more! Customers can communicate instantly and remotely with their colleagues and field teams wherever they are. Designed for the hospitality market, TOTR is used in hostels to enable field workers to interact: receptionists, housekeepers, service technicians, security agent, cooks, etc.


To deploy their business application in hostels, TOTR was looking for a NFC group communication device adapted to the needs of mobile workers that included:

  • NFC: housekeeping staff have to scan NFC tags each time they process an action in a room (cleaning, room service, etc).
  • Versatile: the device has to adapt to different applications in the hostel such as check-in and out, voice messaging, real-time notifications, group chat, geolocalization, reporting, scheduling, etc.
  • Mobile: the device has to meet the mobility requirements of field workers, be lightweight, pocket-sized, robust, have a belt clip, etc.
  • Professional and dedicated: the device has to be dedicated to the hostel application, to avoid the private use of professional devices by staff.
  • Connected: the device has to be permanently connected to allow real time communication between field workers.




Team on the Run and Famoco have developed a NFC group communication to revolutionize group communication in hostels! Team on the Run created an Android application to cover their precise needs for the day to day running of the hostel. Functionality includes communication channels, scheduling and notifications. The application runs on the Famoco device and the solution meets all the requirements of field workers, making it a packaged and complete tool.

With the Famoco NFC group communication, field workers are equipped with the Famoco devices to check in and out when cleaning rooms thanks to the NFC feature, they communicate with each other when needed thanks to the live messaging or walkie-talkie options and they have live access to schedules. Through the TOTR web interface, the receptionist can remotely reach and notify employees and attribute tasks. They can communicate to either individuals or groups and employees can easily and directly answer.


The solution developed by Famoco and TOTR ensures real time communication and knowledge-sharing between team members, for example employees stay informed of the housekeeping status of rooms.

The solution benefits:

Productivity Workforce management Customer experience
  • Easy communication
  • Show live availability and status of rooms,
  • Monitor task completion,
  • Notify of issues or defects in real time.
  • Share up-to-date planning and task distribution,
  • Facilitate communication between teams,
  • Manage uncertainty and find quick solutions.
  • Seamlessly improve customer service,
  • Manage room service and notify stakeholders instantly,
  • Index, store and restitute lost and found items.


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