Wristbanditz use Famoco solution to simplify conferences organization


Wristbanditz provide technology-driven marketing solutions that combine NFC technology and fashionable wearables to create powerful brand experiences. They operate customized NFC wristbands and accessories via their Event Cloud software and mobile application. The wearables communicate with all kinds of equipment such as smart phones, tablet PCs, voucher and cashless payment stations, quiz terminals, turnstiles and more. This solution has several applications: access control, sales transactions, gamification…
Wristbanditz has worked with clients in a broad range of industries, including lifestyle, fashion, design, commercial, automotive, food & beverages, sports, theme parks and hospitality.


In June 2017, the ECF (European Cyclist’s Federation) Velo-City series of conferences took place in Nijmegen, Netherlands. It is considered to be the premier international planning conference for the cycling industry and gathers people involved in policy, promotion and provision of cycling facilities and programs. This includes engineers, planners, architects, environmentalists and industry & government representatives. On top of conferences, attendees have access to many workshops and off-site events.

In order to handle so many people, Velo-City was looking for a solution to easily control access to the event as well as to the workshops and off-site events that had a limited number of seats. The goal was to facilitate the process to improve both the organizers’ and attendees’ experiences. It meant the solution had to be easy to use, flexible and reliable, but also fast to deploy and managed remotely.


Wristbanditz were chosen to design and implement an efficient solution for the overall guest accreditation and the access control to special events.

How did it work? All relevant data was synchronized with the organizer’s ticket shop, using the Wristbanditz cloud and a dedicated API. Upon arrival, attendees were accredited via their ticket code and equipped with NFC wristbands, individually linked to their ID and event profile. When entering a workshop, off-site or a related evening event, they just had to hold up their wristband and have it scanned by the staff using Famoco NFC devices.

These devices are perfectly adapted to the Wristbanditz solution: they are easy to use and deploy, fully secured and managed over-the-air, ensuring intuitive use, data protection and remote control. They also have no street value and are dedicated to the access control application, which can prevent theft and misuse, but also power shortage.v


Velo-City 2017 was a success: the event drew over 1500 attendees and 260 speakers, including  His Royal Majesty the King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Wristbanditz deployed over 50 Famoco devices and processed thousands of transactions.It prevented long queues, and system drastically enhanced the overall experience for guests. It also enabled live monitoring of checked-in attendees and provided the organizers with live data for real-time evaluation and analysis of the event.

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