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Roll out your Business Apps in a secure and managed environment

Transactions are becoming digital in many sectors, transforming the way many companies organize or conduct business.

We provide a solution that enables and facilitates the deployment of these innovative services. See below how we’re contributing to this movement.

Helping our clients roll out their business applications

We propose a suite of products and solutions that are versatile by nature: a specific business app will change the purpose of the device : for example, a complete customer onboarding process solution (KYC), a contactless payment device, or a time & attendance validator for remote staff.  

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Latest news

Curing financial inclusion through digitization for displaced populations

A lot of misconceptions are disseminated around refugee populations. One of them, particularly persistent, is the idea that they constitute a transitory group, when evidences show that a large number of refugees actually settle, albeit for varying period of [...]

Providing solutions to meet digitization needs in India

More than a year after the withdrawal of 500 and 1000 rupee notes in India the need for digitization remains high. In light of these colossal challenges, the French company Famoco, has opted to make India its primary development [...]

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