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Famoco provides a comprehensive suite of products designed to empower mobile business applications and enterprise mobility management. We offer a range of handheld PDA & mobile computers, along with a secure, Android-based operating system and integrated mobile device management solution.

We developed this solution to enable a simple way to deploy your business mobility applications in the field, applicable for any industries: Finance, Logistics, Warehousing, Healthcare, Retail, Event, Transportation, Field Services and Government.

If you have any questions or need any more information, just let us know. Our international sales team will be happy to help.

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All Famoco devices are integrated with

icon of Famoco Android OS, a reprocessed Android OS for businesses

Famoco Android OS

A cutting-edge BtoB operating system based on Android 6.0, which is designed for business to work in a secure environment.

icon of famoco mobile device management platform with its key features

Mobile Device Management

Integrated into each Famoco handheld devices, our mobile device management platform allows businesses to manage devices remotely.

  • layer-1
  • android_os-1
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  • hardware-2

Business Applications - Level 3

Famoco provides a secure and managed platform to run critical Android business applications.

Android Application layer - Level 2

o third-party data is collected (no Google Apps nor Play Store). All usage, localization and functional information is protected.
Famoco devices are delivered with an integrated mobile device management (MDM) agent that allows remote management in the field.
Devices are safe from malicious acts or attacks and remotely managed.

Famoco Android OS - Level 1

Famoco has developed a secure OS based on the Android Open Source project (AOSP), dedicated to professional use and focused on the purpose the device was built and configured for.

Secure Hardware - Level 0

Our hardware is designed and produced by Famoco for multiple uses. They all share some core characteristics: A Secure Element and an additional SAM slot; to ensure data encryption and help keep transactions secure.

Handheld Android-based devices

Famoco handheld Android-based devices include NFC reader & writer, SIM card slot, SAM (Secure Access Module) smart card slot & a Secure Element; designed to provide highly secure contactless transactions with key authentication. The all-in-one solution suits perfectly for enterprise mobility management.

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FX100 device with front and back views


FX100 →

The FX100 is a dedicated device, designed for light and agile mobile work. It benefits from every feature of a smartphone (camera, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS..) in a secure and business-oriented environment.

FX200 device with front and back views


FX200 →

The FX200 is an Android 6.0 PDA with a high quality 4.5-inch screen suitable for more advanced applications or when you need to type significant amounts of data.

handheld device fx300 with front and back view


FX300 →

FX300 is a perfect choice for enterprise mobility which needs security and robustness inside one device.

Biometric Fingerprint-Reader Devices

Famoco has designed a suite of secure biometric Android devices for faster market deployment which leverages biometrics as a transaction validator. Those devices have a built-in Famoco Android OS and a pre-integrated mobile device management agent, which enable a fast and secure deployment on the field.

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Biometric FX100 →

The Biometric FX100 is a dedicated integrated fingerprint reader, designed for mobile identification. It has a back camera that can scan ID documents if needed.


Biometric FX200 →

The Biometric FX200 has a high quality 4.5” screen suitable for advanced applications. This device features front and back autofocus cameras that can scan ID documents and an integrated back fingerprint reader.

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