FX925 Pay&Pass

Accept all kinds of transport tickets

The FX925 Pay&Pass is an Android transport validator designed to validate multi-format tickets such as contactless bank cards, smartcards, and paper & mobile barcode. It has been developed to be fixed onboard in public transport and stations. Forget proprietary operating systems and complex deployments, the FX925 Pay&Pass is affordable, robust, and has a future-proof design.

FX925 Pay & Pass

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Download the product sheet

A transport ticket validator with the intelligence of the smartphone

The intelligence of a mobile device in a transport validator


The FX925 Pay&Pass gives operators the flexibility of a smartphone technology inside a robust and transport-certified validator. It has advanced wireless connectivity such as GSM/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and in-built GPS. 

Accept all types of payments


The FX925 Pay&Pass has been designed with an EMV reader to read contactless bank cards & transport NFC pass in a glimpse to give the passenger a frictionless experience while riding transport. It also has a powerful scan engine to read mobile & paper barcodes tickets quickly.


Payment methods bank cards

Contactless bank cards

Payment methods mobile payment

Mobile payments

Payment methods barcode tickets

Mobile & paper barcodes

Payment methods smartcard transportpass



Let your passengers pay the way they want


Install it everywhere effortlessly


The FX925 Pay&Pass has been developed to be installed on-board of vehicles via a pole or a wall fixation. The FX925 can also be installed as an on-platform device in public transport stations.

Easy installation of the FX925 Pay&Pass onboard and in station

Display any information to your passengers on your validator in your transport networks

Inform your passenger with ease


The FX925 Pay&Pass integrates a 5-inch screen to display any information to passengers. Transport operators’ app can instantly interact with the passengers’ actions and display their transport pass balance, remaining tickets on their card, the price of the fare, unserved stops or advertising… 

Privacy at the center


Powered by Famoco OS, the FX925 Pay&Pass won’t share your data with third-party servers. We’ve developed Famoco OS, a business-centric version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to deliver a dedicated OS made for enterprise usage. We enhanced privacy, and you don’t have to worry about your data protection. Privacy is not your challenge; it’s ours.

Famoco MDM

Manage your validators remotely from one place.


Famoco MDM gives you the ability to securely, remotely and seamlessly control your Famoco devices from a SaaS portal. Upload the app you need on the MDM, create device profiles, set the device in kiosk mode and quickly deploy your business configuration to any number of Famoco devices.

Download the product sheet

    Get more information by reading our privacy policy.
Download the product sheet

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