Famoco moves on with its international growth in the USA. 

Already established in Paris, Rennes, Brussels, Singapore, Shenzhen & Abidjan, Famoco pursues its growth and settles in the US, precisely in Houston, Texas. 

Famoco crosses the border one more time and chooses the city of Houston also known as the “Spacy City” as it is home to NASA’s Space Center. Still, not only, the Texas city attracts more and more tech companies.

Texas, the new nerve center of the technology industry 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Tesla, Oracle…several large companies leave the Silicon Valley heading to Texas. Having become a real hub for tech companies, Texas presents many opportunities for Famoco, especially in the transportation sector. Texas is also the second economic power in the USA after California with a GDP of 1.9 trillion dollars, which places the State of Texas ahead of Canada and South Korea.

Due to the aging urban infrastructure, the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) supports Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The US DOT is also deploying a national investment of $ 25 billion to modernize the transportation network and improve the customer experience by favoring contactless payment and “Mobility Payment Integration” (MPI).The latter concept refers to allowing users to pay for multiple modes of transport under the same digital roof.

Famoco sells Android ticket validators FX915 and FX925 which accept several payment methods: contactless bank cards, NFC cards and paper and mobile barcodes (QR Codes).

Famoco mobile devices are also used by merchants as part of their professional activity and make it possible to respond to many mobility issues and to digitize field operations (such as order and inventory management, loyalty programs, payment.)

America: a market of opportunities

Famoco already has a few customers under its belt, such as :

Metrolinx in Toronto who deployed the Famoco validator for an Open Payment ticketing solution in their transportation network

Coniq has digitized its loyalty program in its partner stores using Famoco Android devices

 Privacy & data protection

In the United States, the digitization of identity cards and driver’s licenses is at the center of attention. In that matter, Apple will launch the dematerialization of driver’s licenses and identity cards in Apple Wallet.

With the rise of digitization, the issue of data security is a genuine concern for companies. In this regard, Famoco has developed an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for the safe use of business applications: your data is neither stored nor collected. It belongs to you.

 A new chapter for Famoco!

 Lionel Baraban, our CEO, and co-founder is moving to Houston and will be the leading commercial contact in the US market.

 “We are very excited to grow with the opening of our new office in Houston, Texas. Our presence in the United States is a real opportunity for Famoco to deploy our payment solutions in transportation and for merchants while ensuring data sovereignty.”


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