Accept contactless payments with Famoco Pay

The perfect solution to help merchants accept more in-person payment methods. Whether customers pay with QR code or with Visa & Mastercard contactless transactions, we make sure businesses adapt to their customer payment habits, without the need for additional hardware.

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the customer pay with a contactless card on a business phone with NFC technology

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A merchant flashes the Alipay QR code wallet of the customer at the counter

Add QR code payment acceptance solution

Accept multiple QR code wallets to cover your customers’ payment habits. Scan a QR code & the Famoco device will recognize the right wallet automatically. Plus, you have access to one platform to monitor transactions, localize, and add new merchants.

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Our solution is under certification by



Contactless &  mobile NFC payments usage are growing


Global Reach 

Accept mainstream and innovative payment methods with one business-class Android mobile.

one mobile device

Scale with one mobile device

Add more services to your mPOS : loyalty program, inventory management, order management…


Affordable solution

It costs less than a traditional credit card machine and does much more.


Accept more payments. Don’t miss a sale

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With Famoco Pay, enrich your payment experience

True Mobile Payment

With legacy POS, mobile merchants still have to carry multiple devices to run their business. Famoco Pay offers a better user experience by eliminating the need for bulky equipment.


Delivering merchant apps effectively

Merchants can’t waste time and resources on managing technology. Famoco Pay runs EMV and other business apps on a single device.

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Serve customers while they wait

With Famoco Pay, you expand your payment acceptance capabilities and enable queue boosting.


We provide the full package for you

Famoco developed its own payment acceptance mobile application supporting contactless EMV transactions. This is a new offering enabling users to read contactless cards through a certified mobile application.


Compliant hardware

A robust Android mobile device made for business.


Mobile Device Management

One platform to control and configure all your business mobile devices.

payment app

Merchant Payment App

A PCI certified merchant payment app to accept Visa & Mastercard payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Through which payment acquirer will the payments be made? 

A: Famoco Pay solution contains a gateway that could be connected to any acquirer through the same interfaces as standard POS (ISO8583, NEXO, or proprietary). This connexion will be managed on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss how to implement this integration project.

Q: Which cards can be supported?

A: Famoco Pay natively supports all Visa and MasterCard contactless cards. For any national scheme (CB, Bancontact, etc.), please contact us to discuss feasibility. Apple Pay and Android Pay also are supported, without any PIN requirement.

Q: What are the solution’s limitations regarding transactions amount and PIN entry?

A: Famoco Pay supports contactless transactions without PIN up to the national threshold and also supports contactless transactions with online PIN. Transactions made with mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay…) are not requiring PIN entry.

Q: How widespread is contactless payment? 

A: Contactless payment has grown significantly in 2020 with several countries raising the limit to the use of contactless for single purchases (50 € in France). Mastercard has stated that 78% of all card payments in Europe were contactless transactions in mid-2020. 

Q: Which Famoco devices will support this?

A: Famoco Pay will be available on FX205 and FX105 by Q1 2021.

Q: What fees will be applied?

A: Transactions made with Famoco Pay won’t have any additional fees compared with traditional solutions.

Q: What about printing a receipt? 

A: Famoco Pay will first be made available on devices that do not feature an integrated printer. We believe paper receipts will be phased out progressively. Offering a simple device makes it more affordable and easier to maintain. Should paper slips be necessary we recommend using a mobile printer connected over Bluetooth. Please contact Famoco for more information. 

Q: Would this be a separate app or can we include this in our current app? 

A: Famoco Pay will by default be deployed as a standalone application that could be integrated into your business applications through “app2app” approach ( Please contact us to get according to documentation or discuss SDK integration.

Q: Is Famoco Pay as secure as a standard POS?

A: Famoco Pay is certified with EMV and PCI standards as all legacy POS. Our solution has been evaluated by accredited labs and approved by VISA & MasterCard.

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