Famoco’s brand new tablet

Designed to assist you everywhere and at any time.

With a user-friendly design, remote management, and great battery performance, the Famoco Tab is the perfect work companion. Its advanced security and new features offer trouble-free.

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Designed for professionals


The Famoco Tab has been designed with clients like you in mind, whether in terms of its design or the materials used. Like Rick Astley, it’s “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.” Its robust casing is made to withstand all types of hazards: splashes, shocks and extreme weather conditions.

Certified IP65, dust and water pose no challenges. It’s also perfectly capable of withstanding falls from a height of up to 1.5 metres. In any case, its non-slip cover ensures an optimal and firm hold. Its curved casing makes it even more convenient to hold and work with.

You define its use


The Famoco Tab’s camera can scan all types of barcode, QR code and, of course, take pictures. Its powerful NFC antenna allows you to read any kind of cards including access, loyalty and transport cards. It can also be used for contactless payments. All in a secure environment.

Instead of using one device for one action (QR code scanning, taking orders or payments etc), why not use a single device which provides all that functionality? The Famoco Tab.





With you whenever you need it


Accessories allow you to adapt to different tasks. That’s why we designed the Famoco Tab to work with a wide range of standard accessories.
Whether you use it as a handheld device, with a strap, on a belt, on a stand or on a wall, you have an unlimited choice of how the Famoco Tab can serve you best.


It’s quite simple, it does everything, all the time, everywhere.

A substantial battery for robust use


We chose to equip our tablet with a removable battery twice as powerful as the average on the market (8,000 mAh instead of 4,000 mAh). This ensures that it stays with you throughout your working day, and then some. The Famoco Tab is capable of handling 2 days of work without interruption. This should come handy if you forget to recharge it at the end of the day. One thing is certain: you’ll surely tire before it does!

If the hefty battery is a concern, you can opt our lightweight 4,000 mAh battery or even to use the tablet without a battery, directly from the mains. Again, the choice is yours.


Deploy your business apps quickly and safely 

From a single platform: Famoco MDM

With Famoco’s MDM, you can securely and remotely control and configure your Famoco Tab(s) from a single platform. You can create profiles, add all the apps you need using the Famoco MDM and deploy them on your fleet of tablets.

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Control your data


All of our terminals are based on Famoco OS, the secure Android OS dedicated to protecting professional data. The Famoco Tab is no less secure and ensures a high level of security for your team and your clients. Thanks to its remote functionality, you can keep control of your tablet at all times.

Use the dedicated SAM slot or Embedded Secure Element to store sensitive data and run your applications in a secure environment that only you control. Our Secure Boot and our SafeGuard services offer additional peace of mind when using our tablets.


Designed to last

Repairability is an important part of Famoco’s philosophy. We pay special attention to the construction of our tablet to ensure that it will remain efficient for a prolonged period of time. Its removable battery allows you to replace and recycle with ease.


Always by your side

Our support team is available to assist you with your mobile deployments and answer any questions. Feel free to contact us or consult our online resources.

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